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Sick of always scraping your bumper?

…Well so were we.  Find the front bumper spoiler that’s perfect for you!  

If you’ve ever wanted to lower your car but aren’t sure if you want to commit to modifying your suspension, you’ve come to the right place. The EZ Lip front bumper spoiler is designed to give your car that lowered look while protecting your bumper. All of this offered at a fraction of the price of a standard front bumper spoiler kit. Below we’ve put together all the benefits of buying an EZ Lip over the other options. Be sure to finish reading the entire guide for a bonus at the end.


Lower your car they said meme

Ever have an experience like this?

Well thankfully with EZ Lip you won’t ever have to worry about this scenario. One of the great things about EZ Lip is that you get the lowered car look without having to worry about scraping when dealing with driveways, speed bumps, or curbs. A lot of us really like the lowered car look but don’t necessarily want to commit to actually lowering our rides for a number of reasons. Anything from the driving conditions in our neighborhood (lots of potholes, speed bumps, etc.), to affordability, to the long term commitment that comes with modifying our cars. For all of these reasons we came up with the from bumper spoiler kit that gives you all a fast, affordable, and flexible solution to giving your car a lower look.


No problem! We have tons of customers who have already lowered their rides. Just because your car has been lowered the benefits of an EZ Lip don’t stop there! EZ Lip works great as a protective layer for your bumper or aftermarket ground effects kit.

EZ Lip Protection


As a front bumper spoiler, the EZ Lip offers an optimal combination of flexibility, durability and ease of installation. Most other comparable lip brands have a lesser quality adhesive or require you to use hardware to install the product. Unlike other bumper modifications the EZ Lip doesn’t require any screws or drilling to install. We also use top of the line 3M tape specifically designed for automobiles and harsh environments. If installed correctly, the tape is as strong as using screws.

Some other brands are also too stiff which makes them difficult to mold to the shape of your bumper. Our optimally flexible design allows it to conform and stick to virtually all makes and models without taking any extra steps during installation.

For our best protection we recommend the EZ Lip PRO for maximum durability and our EZ Lip Colors for maximum style! 


We’ve heard this comparison, a lot. Although the EZ Lip concept did originate from the garage door seal trick there are some major differences between our products and the DIY solution.


Our front bumper spoiler kits are designed and manufactured specifically for use on vehicles. We use top quality EPDM rubber material along with top quality 3M automotive adhesive. No need to settle for garage door liner and regular double-sided adhesive.

EZ Lip front bumper spoiler is made from top quality materials


Let’s face it; Time is valuable. You don’t need to waste time visiting your hardware store and then more time applying the adhesive to the lip. The beauty of the EZ Lip is that it comes to your mailbox and is ready to be installed on your car.

EZ Lip is super easy to install


EZ Lip comes in multiple color versions as well as our thicker and more durable EZ Lip Pro model. We also sell carbon fiber vinyl wrap that can be placed on your EZ Lip to give it a carbon fiber look!

EZ Lip front bumper spoiler comes in a variety of colors


Is It Hard To Install Your Front Bumper Spoiler Kit?

Not at all! The EZ Lip was designed to be installed with as little effort as possible. Our lip can be installed by virtually anyone with no need to go to any shops. For a quick 1-minute installation video check out the video below.

How Long Will It Last?

With proper installation and care the EZ Lip can last for years! But with all things it depends how you treat it. The EZ Lip is designed to withstand all climates, car washes and high speeds. The flexible design is also meant to bend if you run over an elevated surface in order to protect your bumper from any scratches. You can see our full durability test in the video below.

However, our lip is also not indestructible. The life and desirability of the EZ Lip will depend on how well it’s installed and how you drive. For people who scrape often or have a low car, we highly recommend trying out the EZ Lip PRO. It’s made from our strongest Dura-X Foam™ rubber which offers enhanced tear resistance and much longer product life. Compared to custom front bumper spoiler kits that are made of carbon fiber or plastic, when the EZ Lip gets damaged it won’t cost you hundreds and a trip to the repair shop. Instead, you can pull it off and replace it with a new one making it a no-brainer option.

Will The EZ Lip Work With My Model?

The EZ Lip is a universal fit product. Flexible rubber design allows it to conform and stick to virtually all makes and models! If you want to see how the EZ Lip looks on your ride be sure to check out our gallery.

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