What Is a Bumper Lip? Everything You Need To Know

What Is a Bumper Lip? Everything You Need To Know

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The bumper of your car is not just a piece of decoration for your car. It serves quite a few additional functions other than adding to the car’s looks. It can protect your vehicle from minor damage and even aid its aerodynamics. However, there are ways to enhance your bumper even further. One of these methods is to use a bumper lip. If you’re wondering, “What is a bumper lip?” read on to find out everything you need to know about it.


Bumper Lip

The bumper lip is an aftermarket modification you can add to your vehicle to change a few things about its functionality and looks. There are several types of bumper lip products, from universal bumper lip kits to heavy-duty bumper lips. However, they all achieve similar effects.


Reduce Drag

One of the best things that a bumper lip does is reduce the air drag on your car. As you drive, air flows under your automobile and slows it down. This causes a loss in speed and fuel efficiency. A bumper lip changes how the air moves around your vehicle as you drive, reducing the drag effect.


Increase Handling

The bumper lip doesn’t just reduce drag; it also redirects the air to the top of the car. This pushes your car down, adding to the overall downward force it exerts. The result is better handling as you drive. However, this benefit is really only useful if you’re driving at extremely high speeds.


Protect Your Paint

The bumper lip does more than affect your handling. It also covers the bottom edge of your bumper. This area is prone to scrapes and nicks, and the bumper lip helps protect your car from this damage and preserves its paint.


Lower Your Car

In addition to all this, the bumper lip changes the physical look of your vehicle, making it appear lower than it actually is. This style is reminiscent of racing cars, and many people pick up a lip because of this.

This is everything you need to know about what a bumper lip is. It’s a great addition to any vehicle that needs a simple modification that’ll change its looks and increase fuel efficiency.