Reasons You Should Install Side Skirts on Your Car

Reasons You Should Install Side Skirts on Your Car

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Plenty of aftermarket modifications can alter your vehicle’s performance and looks. With so many choices, it can be hard to tell which ones provide the most benefit and why people use them. A good example of this is side skirts. Plenty of people use them, but what are the reasons you should install side skirts on your car?


One of the simplest things a side skirt provides is a change to cosmetics. This change depends on the exact side skirt that you get. However, the end effect is the same. The side skirt makes your car look lower to the ground since it takes up the space below your car’s frame, creating the illusion the frame is closer to the ground. This look is reminiscent of faster, high-end cars, such as racecars. The smaller side skirts, such as the side skirt splitter universal, can protect the paint of cars as well.

Prevents Wind

The side skirt is also capable of affecting the wind that flows underneath the vehicle. Normally, as a vehicle drives, air flows underneath the car’s frame. This airflow does two things to slow down the car and its performance. First, it applies drag, increasing air pressure and slowing the car down. Second, it actually tries to push the car up and off the ground, lowering its traction. A side skirt can lessen these effects.

Boosts Downward Force

A side skirt can reduce the effects of the wind and redirect airflow to go above and around the car. This new direction of airflow adds more air pressure to the top of the vehicle, which pushes down on the vehicle, therefore aiding in traction. This additional traction gives faster vehicles the control that they need. So, side skirts can also increase the performance of a vehicle.

Keep in mind that not every side skirt is the same. Some are more cosmetic than others. Now that you know the reasons you should install side skirts on your car, you can look into getting one for yourself. Make sure you’re getting the right one for you.