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Choosing affordable lip spoiler for your car

Low profile cars have that finished look that makes your vehicle stand out. Not to mention giving your bumper that extra protection. Spending hundreds of dollars on front lip spoiler isn’t in everyone’s budget.  

Well you’re in luck! At EZ Lip we design our products for both style and protection while not putting a big dent in your wallet. We’ve developed three main product options that each a great option if you’re looking to install a lip spoiler. We’ll tell you a bit about each of our products and then give you some tips to help you decide which one best fits your customization goals.

EZ Lip product comparison photo

The original universal bumper lip: EZ Lip

Sleek, subtle, and gets the job done. This is EZ Lip’s original design and also the most popular. For most, this is the best choice as it gives any vehicle a perfect addition without too much attention. The original EZ Lip was designed for those that don’t scrape often and want to enhance their vehicle’s appearance without spending a fortune. Our quality 3M automotive adhesive holds the EZ Lip spoiler in place and can easily endures all climates, car washes and high speeds.

EZ Lip is the Original Universal Bumper Lip

Is this product right for me?

Our original EZ Lip is perfect if you’re looking for affordable lip spoiler to lower your car and keep your bumper from scratching. If you’re looking for something more aggressive and stronger, read on! 

Enhanced appearance & protection: EZ Lip PRO

Having a low can definitely make a statement. With the EZ Lip PRO model, you can make your car look lower by up to 2 inches. The best part is you’ll also be adding an extra layer of protection with our strongest Dura-X Foam™ rubber compound. It also features our new patented InvisEdge™ design which gives you a seamless appearance. Just like the original EZ Lip your don’t have to worry about using any screws or a frustrating installation! Forget expensive car lip spoilers that end up getting destroyed. Consider the our EZ Lip PRO lip spoilers for your protection and styling needs. 

Forget expensive lip spoilers and choose EZ lip PRO for your styling and protection needs

Is this product right for me?

This is the perfect product for you if you’re looking for both protection and style. Our colored lip spoilers are the only ones that can give you both! Of if you want that extra layer of protection to stop your bumper from scratching and you want a more aggressive appearance, EZ Lip PRO is the best choice. Check out how our EZ Lip PRO stacks up against our original EZ Lip in the Durability Video below!

Customized colors to match your build: EZ Lip Colors

Stylish, unique, and sure to capture eyes. EZ Lip Colors are the world’s first pre-colored universal lips. There are many copycats but with EZ Lip you are getting top Made in USA quality. Now you can add a more customized style to your car with several colors to choose from. Colors include Red, White, Orange and our latest Lime Green! The EZ Lip Colors also come with our patented InvisEdge™ design to enhance the look.

EZ Lip Colors offers Customized colors to match your build

Is this product right for me?

Our EZ Lip Colors lip spoilers are the best option you want to stand out from the rest. Offering the same sleek and subtle design as the original EZ Lip, but with the option of a more personalized style. Our EZ Lip Colors line is built with convenience in mind. The lip can be installed by virtually anyone with no need to go to any shops. You won’t find a universal lip spoiler that can match our quality and ease of installation. Watch just how easily you can install the EZ Lip, HERE.


It can be a struggle to decide which option to pick with so many options for a lip spoiler. We thank you for taking the time to read our blog post and hope it was able to help you decide which option to choose! Whichever EZ Lip design you go with, you will love how easy it is to transform the look of your car and add a bit of personal touch! Read on to find out about our bonus offer!

Bonus Offer

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