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Front Spoiler vs. Splitter: What's the Difference?

Front Spoiler vs. Splitter: What's the Difference?

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Many people, even car enthusiasts, do not know that a spoiler and a splitter are actually two different things. There is nothing wrong with this; however, knowing this information could prove useful when determining what you want to add to your car. They both serve different purposes and affect the style and aerodynamics of your vehicle. So, for all those wondering, “What is the difference between a front spoiler and a splitter?” here is the answer.


One of the major differences between a front spoiler and a splitter is the way they look on the vehicle. A front spoiler holds onto the bumper and extends slightly below it. This creates a much smaller change, where the splitter just attaches to the outer few inches of the bumper. Here at EZ Lip, we sell universal bumper lip kits, so you can apply your own splitters.


There are different styles of spoilers and splitters, as there is no uniform standard for the design of either. However, the spoilers generally take on some larger form that hugs the underneath of the bumper, creating more of a rounded shape. Likewise, the splitter is more of a singular strip that latches onto the bumper—it extends the bumper downwards and makes the car look closer to the ground than it is.


The aerodynamics of the splitter and front spoiler are very different. The spoiler is a windbreaker more than anything else. As you drive, the spoiler hits the wind and slows it down (or stops it outright) to make it apply less drag to the vehicle. The splitter pushes the wind away from the underside of the vehicle to the top and sides. This creates downforce, giving the vehicle more traction and control.

Since there is no standard, there is a large variety of spoilers and splitters available. Some are just for looks while others provide great boosts in performance. Now that you know what the difference is between a front spoiler and a splitter, you can find yourself the modification you need.