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EZ Lip scrape

We’re sure you probably have a thousand questions and thoughts running through your mind before you consider purchasing anything. Well maybe not a thousand when you go to purchase milk at the store but you understand what we mean. In the car world deciding which vehicle products to purchase is a huge decision! I mean it has to look good, function properly, meet your expectations and fall within your budget. Purchasing car parts is a fun and stressful time because you want to make sure you made the right decision for your ride!

At EZ Lip we want to make your job way easier, and by that we want to make sure you have all those questions answered before you make your purchase. We decided to run through some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) we tend to get here at EZ Lip and clear up some of those questions you have that you may have been a little shy to ask. Let’s get started shall we…

1. Will EZ Lip work with my model?
The EZ Lip is designed and made from a flexible rubber to bend and form to virtually all makes and models! Results will vary depending on the design of your vehicle. To get a better idea of what the outcome could look like check out the gallery on our website here: don’t see your make and model? Send us an email at

EZ Lip scrape

2. Does EZ Lip work on the front, sides and rear?
Yes! EZ Lip does work on the front, sides and rear of your vehicle. Being a universal product you have the flexibility of where to install it. Once again, results may vary.

3. How strong is the 3M tape?
The 3m tape we use at EZ Lip is specifically designed for automotive industry. The adhesive is very strong and the lip can be installed without the use of any additional hardware. With 3M tape there will be no damage to your vehicle.

4. How long will my EZ Lip last?
The lifespan of your EZ Lip is dependent on how well it was installed and how well it was maintained. We have had fans have their EZ Lip on for over 4 years and counting!

5. Does EZ Lip have the same design for all sides?
Yes, all of our EZ Lip lines (Original, Pro, and Colors) are designed the same and can be installed on the front, sides or rear of your vehicle. We make the ordering process easy by removing the hassle of making sure you order the correct unit. The EZ Lip is a universal product that can be easily installed on any side or your car!

2012 Mazdaspeed EZ Lip

6. What is EZ Lips 30-day money back guarantee?
EZ Lip 30-day money back guarantee ensures customer satisfaction. If for some reason you do not like your EZ Lip or feel it may not work on your car return it in UN-USED condition and we will reimburse your total payment.

7. Does EZ Lip come with warranty?
Unfortunately due to the nature of the EZ Lip product there is no warranty. EZ Lip has been designed to protect your vehicle from scratches and dings. The durability of your EZ Lip also depends on how well it was installed which is another reason warranty cannot be offered. In order to maximize the life of your EZ Lip take a moment to watch our full installation tip video.

8. How long will my product take to arrive?

All products ordered through our website are typically processed and sent out for delivery within 24-48 hours from point of purchase.

Below are ESTIMATES on shipping times.

Standard Mail:
USA: 2-3 business days
Canada: 1-2 weeks
International: 3-5 weeks

Priority Mail:
USA: 1-3 business days
Canada: 1-2 weeks
International: 2-3 weeks

Express Mail:
USA: 1-2 business days
Canada: 1 week
International: 1-2 weeks

Once again the above information are just estimates. Many factors can either speed up or delay the process depending on the country the product is being shipped to. If you have any further questions regarding shipping and handling please send us an email to

9. My order has yet to arrive, where is it?
For orders being sent within the United States please check your tracking number. If there is a further issue, please contact our customer support.

For international orders, like previously mentioned an order can take up to 5 weeks for arrival. Many factors come into play and hard to predict. If your order has not arrived after a 5 week period please contact customer support and we can work with you to resolve any issues.

10. I need to return my order, how do I send it back?
If for whatever reason you need to send a EZ Lip product back to us, please send the UN-USED products to

EZ Lip – Returns
4727 153RD AVE SE
Bellevue, WA 98006-3245

*As a rule of thumb please include your order number with your return so our team can quickly process the refund*

11. How can I make a payment?
We accept the following methods as payment:
– Credit Card
– PayPal
– Bank Transfer
– Check
– Money Orders

*If you would like to make a payment via money order or check please contact customer support to process your order.

Now we know earlier we mentioned you may have thousands of questions running through your head before purchasing anything. Although we didn’t get around to all one thousand questions you might have had we managed to cover the top 11 most people have for us. Of course you may have a specific question on something that is not on the above list and that’s no problem! We want to hear from you so please contact us and an EZ Lip team member will be glad to chat with you to help answer any questions you may have.

As always, have a great day everyone and hope we were able to help you out a little today.

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– The EZ Lip Team