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EZ Lip Rally Car

In this post we’re going to answer a question we know many of you have been asking before buying your first EZ Lip. Just how strong is it? After this blog post, you’ll have the definitive answer. We’ll start off by mentioning that the EZ Lip is not indestructible. On the contrary, it’s meant to absorb impacts that would otherwise damage your bumper, potentially saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in cosmetic repairs. Read on and see the EZ Lip being put through various stress tests!


Roads are never consistent. There are speed bumps, parking blocks, pot holes and steep driveways which all have the potential to scrape our cars. This is particularly concerning if your have a lowered car. Our EZ Lip splitters are designed to absorb scrapes and protect your car’s body or bumper from damage. In the video below, watch the regular EZ Lip and our EZ Lip PRO model go head to head with some driveway scrapes. Each EZ Lip offer a varying degree of protection. Our regular model is best for stock vehicles. The PRO model is larger and adds more coverage which is ideal if you have a lowered vehicle. Both options are sure to save you hundreds or even thousands in costly paint or body repair.

High speeds

Many people have doubts our 3M adhesive can really endure every day driving conditions, particularly high-speed driving. We’ve tested the EZ Lip to speeds of up to 180 Mph (289 Kmh) with no adhesion issues at all. We also frequently get asked if the EZ Lip flexes or flops around while driving. Keep watching the video above to see the EZ Lip keep it’s shape without flexing or losing its shape at highway speeds. Keep in mind that, with proper installation, the EZ Lip can easily last for years under regular driving conditions and high speeds.


The EZ Lip is installed solely using 3M adhesive – without the need for any screws. This is a cause of anxiety for customers considering to buy an EZ Lip for their vehicle. The good news is that we’ve never had a customer complain that their EZ Lip fell off during someone’s car wash. Whether you’re using a pressure washer, brush or going through an automated car wash, the EZ Lip holds strong on your car. As always, proper installation is key to getting a solid bond.

Pull test

Although your bumper getting pulled isn’t a common problem, we decided to run this test to see just how strong our 3M adhesive is. After all, 3M claims the adhesive is stronger than using screws! With proper installation you can give the EZ Lip a good pull without any damage or detachment.  The EZ Lip holds on so well that it nearly forces the bumper off the vehicle. Be sure to check out end of the video to see this test in action!

Watch the video

Now that we’ve given you a preview of all of the tests we’ve done on our top EZ Lip products, be sure to watch them, in action, by clicking our Durability Test video below!



How about if you’re more than a daily driver, and you put your vehicle through some harsh environments such as track racing, rally racing or even off-roading? Don’t sweat. The EZ Lip has you covered! The EZ Lip is so tough we’ve sponsored Peruvian rally champion Raúl Velit. Raúl uses our EZ Lip PRO model on his Honda Civic which endures some really harsh hot, cold, wet and dry conditions.

Raúl Velit with EZ Lip on his front bumper

In 2016, Raúl and his team competed with the EZ Lip on in the Regional Lima Rally and achieved a podium finish. From the photo below you can see how the EZ Lip is still holding strong after one of his races. The post rally results speak for themselves. Other than some dust and a few scrapes the EZ Lip is still holding on strong!

post rally ez lip



You might have seen some sponsored videos from our competition on YouTube where they compare the tear-resistance of the EZ Lip compared to their own product. They demonstrate how “easily” the EZ Lip tears. While the video isn’t fake, it’s very misleading. The manner at which the EZ Lip is torn in these videos is not a realistic representation of the real-world road use. Reviewers are shown holding the EZ Lip with both hands and pulling along the sides to rip it. This type of tearing is unlikely to occur with regular driving. We admit the EZ Lip is not indestructible and we cannot guarantee that our EZ Lip will endure all types of driving or abuse, we can confidently say that if you’re looking for the best value for money lip option on the market – there’s no better choice than EZ Lip.


The EZ Lip’s durability and lifespan is highly dependent on how well it’s installed and how you drive. With that said, there are a few different ways that you can maximize the life of your EZ Lip. The first is making sure to drive carefully. Avoiding steep driveways, speed bumps, or parking blocks is the easiest way to maximum the life of your lip. If you never make contact with obstacles, the EZ Lip can easily last for many years. The second way is to ensure you install your EZ Lip while making sure to follow all of our installation instructions and tips, carefully. Below we’ve outlined the top installation tips to follow when installing your EZ Lip. Following these tips will ensure maximum life of your lip.

Tip 1: Clean only with rubbing alcohol

Not all cleaning products work well with 3M. In fact, using soap is actually counter-effective. Using wax before installing is even worse! The first tip is making sure to clean the surface of your vehicle ONLY with isopropyl alcohol. This is what 3M recommends for cleaning and this is what you should use.

Tip 2: Warm up the adhesive

The second tip is making sure to install your EZ Lip while the ambient temperature is above 70-degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius). This allows the adhesive to soften and mold to uneven surfaces or imperfections such as cracks, dents and other obstructions such as bumper screws or clips. If the weather is cold, use a hair dryer or heat gun. The warmer you can get the adhesive the better!

Tip 3: Press firmly

The last tip is to make sure to firmly press the adhesive against the surface of your car. This ensures that there are no air bubbles or gaps and there is maximum contact with the surface. For best results install the EZ Lip front splitter about 6 inches at a time. Then press and hold the installed section for 5-10 seconds. After the installation is complete, press the entire length of the EZ Lip one more time. If you’ve done this step right you should feel a bit tired at the end!

Be sure to view our official installation page HERE for in-depth instructions on getting your EZ Lip installed! In the meantime, click to watch our full installation video below!