Careful preparation is important for maximizing the life and durability of your EZ Lip.


Clean application area using isopropyl alcohol (test a small unobtrusive area for color-fastness).


Application area must be completely dry before installing your EZ Lip.


For long lasting strength and durability, apply when temperature is at least 72º F (21º C). In colder climates, apply heat to the tape using a hair dryer or heat gun to help strengthen the bond. 


Peel protective film from tape starting at one end of the EZ Lip and attach to the surface of the vehicle.


Continue installing to the rest of your vehicle while making sure to firmly press and hold the EZ Lip for several seconds against the surface of your vehicle. Make sure to eliminate air bubbles and gaps.


Cut excess off with sharp scissors.


Clean the EZ Lip the same way you would clean your car. Using soap and water will help eliminate dust and grime build-up.


Do not wash vehicle for 24 hours after installing to give the tape time to cure.


TIP 1:

Before installing, make sure the surface of the vehicle is completely dry. A single drop can jeopardize the installation.​

TIP 2:

The 3M adhesive will lose it’s strength if detached and reattached. Be sure to plan your installation beforehand.

TIP 3:

Clean your bumper using isopropyl alcohol. Other cleaners may leave a residue behind that prevents the tape from sticking. Allow to dry.

TIP 4:

Use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the tape (and bumper) during installation to greatly enhance the bond of the tape.​

TIP 5:

Press and hold the 3M tape very firmly against your bumper while rolling your palm over it to ensure there are no gaps or air bubbles.​

TIP 6:

Be extra careful to make sure the very ends of the EZ Lip are firmly attached. Apply extra heat or and press the ends firmly to ensure maximum bond.

TIP 7:

Once installed, we recommend pressing the entire length of the tape firmly against your bumper one more time to ensure maximum contact.