You'll Need a Hammer and a Screwdriver

You'll Need a Hammer and a Screwdriver

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Dodge EZ Lip

…Just kidding, put those back. 

Welcome back to our second blog post! Wherever you are around the world, whether it’s in North America or South East Asia there’s one thing that you, our team, and every other reader of this blog have in common… our passion for vehicles.

Let’s face it, we are all Gear Heads. No matter what we try and do, once we get sucked into this hobby, passion, and lifestyle, it’s difficult to get out of it; why would we even want to leave, right?

Most of us remember buying our first car. We may even try to forget about it. But buying that car, even if it was our dream vehicle, really doesn’t do much for us. At some point or another, no matter how hard we try and fight it, we get that sudden feeling and creative mindset to turn that standard vehicle from the dealer into a one-of-a-kind ride.

This is the fun that comes with being an automotive enthusiast.

Subaru EZ Lip

Now, we’re not sure about you, but at EZ Lip, we have a slight problem with driving a standard vehicle; we want something that represents us and our tastes. We want something, that when people see our vehicles drive by, they can tell just by looking at the car that it belongs to us.

We have all probably at some point said something like “Hey do you remember that guy or gal with the wrapped Dodge Magnum with the Charger front end conversion? I can’t remember the owners name but I know that car”. That is the fun that comes in to the whole world of modifying your vehicle. You get to support your favorite vehicle brands and manufactures but get to add some custom flare. 

Dodge EZ Lip

Okay, enough reaching deep down into your inner car soul; we’re starting to feel like the car whisperer here. On to the fun stuff!

There are unlimited options for modifying your vehicle and personalizing it. If you are interested in some ideas, you can download our free “DIY Budget Car Mods Guide” here. For the purpose of this article though, we’ll stick to a few creative ways to use that awesome new EZ Lip! 

Three Creative Uses for Your EZ Lip: 

1. Cutting up your EZ Lip 

Some of us are lucky to be able to just slap that EZ Lip on our car and enjoy it; others not so much.

Some vehicles are designed very intricately and require a bit more attention to detail. For these, your creative mind has to come into play to make it all work.

Cutting your EZ Lip into sections gives off a very effective look and will get you and your ride plenty of attention. Ever heard the saying “measure twice, cut once”? Let’s keep that in mind when we are doing this.

Take your time and plan your every move before making any surgical changes to that EZ Lip. A great example of this is found below on this BMW Z4.


You can see that the owner has a slot in the rear bumper for the dual exhaust tips. In order to get around this and still complete an EZ Lip wrap around, the owner customized the product to fit their unique situation. If done properly, you can see results just like the ones above and get that nice clean factory finish. 

2. Custom Fender Flares 

Yup, fender flares….

EZ Lip has been used as fender flares on various vehicles. Creating custom fender flares is not much different than applying it to your bumper or side skirts; the onlyez lip fender flares
difference is that you’re applying it to your fenders.

The same rules apply for the installation process as our video here, the only difference is that you will install on the lip of the inner fender.

All vehicles are different; some may have a fold, some may not. This will determine how effective this little DIY project can be. See the photo on the right for EZ Lip installed as fender flares.

This adds a nice little touch without spending an insane amount of cash on high end fender flares. We are all about getting creative at EZ Lip, and this is just another awesome way! 

3. Fun For The Whole Family…  

Some of you may have already seen the following posted to one of our social media channels. If not, you are about to be amazed! 

This is just awesome-ness on a whole other level.

By putting any little leftover bits of your installed EZ Lip to use on your child’s favorite ride, you can share your lowered car experience with the whole family! Talk about getting creative.

EZ Lip kid scooter

As promised you do not need a hammer or screwdriver for any of these, so we hope you’re not still holding them.

These are just a few samples of creative ways you can use your EZ Lip products. We encourage all of you to get creative and send your submissions to us so we can share with the rest of the EZ Lip community. All creative uses can be sent to

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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