The EZ Lip PRO is the largest and most durable design. This is the best choice if you have a lowered car that requires enhanced scrape protection and an added aggressive appearance. This spoiler lip is made from tough Dura-X Foam™ rubber and features our patented InvisEdge™ feature for a seamless installation and professional look.

  • Dura-X Foam™ rubber for ultra tear-resistance and durability
  • Patented InvisEdge™ for a seamless look
  • Universal fit spoiler lip – one-size-fits-all
  • Lowers your car by up to 2 inches
  • Designed to protect your paint from driveways, speed bumps and curbs
  • Works on the front, sides or rear
  • No drilling or screws required
  • Quick 3-step installation
  • Made in USA
  • EPDM Foam Rubber with 3M automotive adhesive
Weight 1 lbs

92 reviews for EZ Lip PRO

  1. atomicman123 (verified owner)

    The original EZ lip changed the character of my Subaru Legacy subtly, the Pro, radically. Perfect fit and finish. Quick and easy installation. Liked the original, love the pro.

  2. Jonathan Abrams

    Love this thing. It’s quite a bit fatter and sturdier than the original. Now I just have to paint it white.

  3. jose caraballo

    honestly this look epic ! i love the aspect on my velo with this lip 10 /10

  4. john pangia

    Gives my Buick Lacrosse a nice look, fairly easy to put on, I would have given it a five star rating but the first 4 or five inches from where I started to install it started coming off, after carefully cleaning the area, and applying wax and silicone remover. crazy glue seems to be doing the job so far. My son ordered one for his ford RS, SAME PROBLEM John P

  5. Douglas

    I was hesitant about how though this product was,I installed on my Subaru and is absolutely not going anywhere,it bonds super strong

  6. Andrew (verified owner)

    Cheap and quick way to have an aggressive look for my 2014 Lexus IS. Not only a good product but great customer service. I had a situation and they took care of it. Received email replies within 30mins to an hour.

  7. Denny Bias

    High quality material and workmanship.

  8. Radsticles

    Installed the side skirts 2 years ago-still like new & no adhesion problems. DO THE PREPPING!!! Installed this today. Much nicer being “Pro” & that’s saying a lot b/c the side ones are awesome. I’m an at home Detailer, 35 years now, & this product is among the very best quality & easy to install body trim their is, at this price range & higher. DO THE ALCOHOL PREP-UNTIL THE PADS STAY WHITE!!! Simply GORGEOUS!

  9. Pen Name

    Looks good but ain’t durable at all. And my car isn’t lowered. Started to fall apart and www installed by a shop since I use a wheelchair and crutches. Regrets buying this product.

  10. Sarah

    Followed directions. 3 weeks later, the adhesive was stuck to my car, no the ez lip…bought 3m automotive molding tape…lasted 4 weeks, same thing. Finally bought super strength auto liquid adhesive, and same thing… no adhesive sticks to the ez lip pro. I have the ez side skirts (not pro) and they are still on from the initial application. My car looks a bit uneven with side skirts and no front lip…and even worse when you really look and see all the left over adhesive…

  11. Carlos diaz

    Looks great on my car and delivered on time

  12. lesliehornibrook

    very good product, looks great on the car, but just one complaint! this product is way too expensive, reduce the price and i will buy again!!

  13. Anibal

    If you stick it like the instructions it’ll be last through everything. It makes my car looks very different in a good way.

  14. Hussain Almatrooshi

    same as pic

  15. Cynthia

    I own a crz and the front bumper has a lot of bends, I purchased one and prepped the surface properly and it came off. I purchased it again and used 3m primer after prepping to make sure it would stick will and used a heat gun and it still came off.

  16. Fares

    I love ez-lip products because they add a great look to the car without breaking the bank, however I was a bit disappointed by the new PRO and all it’s promises.

    It is definitely bigger and so it looks good but I don’t know about stronger. I grazed a curb once and god cuts and tears across the surface. It’s understandable that the lip isn’t indestructible but for being so low and supposedly strong, this shouldn’t be happening so easily. Maybe after many hits, sure.

    So if you do any sort of scraping as is, you may as well go with the original to just protect your bumper for a low price.

  17. Daniel Holycross

    I love EZ Lip for an inexpensive upgrade to the bottom of my vehicle, about 2 years ago they switched the 3m adhesive and now the stuff doesn’t stick to the bumper and I had to use alternate means to keep this on my car after spending like 4 hours trying to remove all the adhesive from the previous EZ Lip that I had on my car for about a year. Why did they change the adhesive? Needless to say I still love EZ Lip and will probably still go with EZ Lip for my cars, but be forewarned that if you get this please get some heavy duty adhesive to apply to keep this EZ Lip PRO on your car for a while.

  18. yoeasie

    You MUST follow the instructions. The more prepping the better. Personally love the look! It’s very refined and isn’t just some old garage door lip. Haven’t lowered my car yet and it definitely looks lower. The lip has good flex, yet tuff which helped with the grooves. They said they now use a Dura X Foam for durabilty, so it’s well constructed and it feels like it. I took my good old time and firmly pressed and molded every part. Love it.

  19. Kenneth D. Denis

    don’t like it. difficult to install. and hasn’t lasted a month

  20. Wilson Calero

    Its works for my purpose

  21. Dr. Bean

    love the look and the price. However, the adhesive is not holding up. I installed the lip to my ’08 Accord in late july. It’s now early October and the lip has started to pull away in three or four spots. It’s not from rubbing curbs or from lingering oily residues either. I think I will go back to a more traditional ‘hard’ body kit to attain the look I want. Sorry….

  22. William N.

    Super easy to install.
    One helpful tip is to pull the backing off FROM THE BACK as you install it… that way the front of the lip adheres cleanly to the bumper and looks much cleaner. If you pull the paper backing off from the front it could leave a small gap that you will see. Pulling it off from the back forces the front of the lip to stick perfectly without any gap.
    After installing it I painted it body color. The attached image is of my Subaru Legacy GT with the EZ Lip PRO installed under the front bumper. I LOVE THE WAY IT LOOKS and that its so easy to install and I’m not really worried about smashing it up like I would be with a solid lip.

  23. Edgardo L.

    I just received it. Very happy with quality. May post up some pictures when I put it on. Bit disappointed that I didn’t receive the Ez Lip sticker I was promised to put it on my lip. But everything else is good.

  24. Ted S.

    It’s bigger and thicker than the regular EZ-lip. The backing tape was a little more sticky but I still ended up using small screws and washers to mount it.

  25. Joseh J. Villademoros

    Fantastic, great product…. Actually a repeat purchaser. Got a backup just in case I tear up the original. Paints up very well.

  26. Debi

    Looks real nice on my 2008 purple crown vic. Thanks.

  27. austin

    Love it very stylish and sleak gives the car a whole new look good price as well

  28. Curtis Moore

    The product arrived on time and look very good on the vehicle however the sticking part doesn’t work that well. The spoiler start peeling off after two days of perfect weather conditions. I used some Permatex Epoxy to reseal the spoiler and now it fine!!!!

  29. Darren (verified owner)

    At first I was unsure about how the EZ Lip Pro was going to look on my 2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe , but ever since I put it on I get numerous comments from people at the car shows I take it too! It made me want to order more for all sides. Buy this product, but follow the instructions very well.



  31. Mom’s Kitchen Table

    bought as a gift. Son likes it says it works well and is good quality

  32. pedro antunes

    Love how eAsy it was to install and the way it looks on my car thank you … Put it on a black Audi A6

  33. Gerald Off

    Great product, looks good easy to install and I use this product to protect my ground effects kit. Much cheaper to buy a roll of this about every year than a new nose for my charger

  34. Samir albadani

    I like it exultant

  35. chris Filipkowski

    I was super excited and its perfect! I put this on my 98 civic. It made me so damn aerodynamic that my massive rear wing bent a little. I was revving it one day(5 inch muffler life) and usually a heavy set girl or two comes over to try and touch my you know what but yea with this thing I got a whole hoard of them touching me and the car. Pretty sweet experience def recommend to anyone that wants to attract the ladies.

  36. dennis dickinson

    Very nice, looks good, easy to install.

  37. Donny Linton

    They do Not Use 3M Tape, its a cheap knock of tape, 3M tape say’s it on the red tape, Don’t be fooled, This Doesn’t stick, after 1 day it comes off.

  38. T.G.

    Very easy to install

  39. Quenton

    First impression of this ez lip pro was that it stuck. I heated the 3m tape and i have to admit it was pretty hard to adjust the spoiler after that. Which is a good thing because you don’t have to worry about it falling off.it feels like it would rip really easy but i have seen where other ppl say this and its not true. I also love the new invisiedge! Fitted this on my 2011 Toyota Camry XLE.

  40. matt

    Great product and looks amazing on my 2015 Honda Civic Si. I have gotten many comments about how the car looks lower, but it is just this lip. Love it!

  41. Ossama

    Looks great without having to use any screws

  42. Henry

    Awesome product. Definitely will buy again if need be.

  43. Taylor T.

    While the producted really enhanced the look of my car the adhesive used was quite shoddy even with a full cleaning before application. I had to resort to zipties to keep it in place.

  44. Jameson

    Really happy with the result of EZLIP Pro.
    Pay good attention to cleaning the surface prior to fitting.
    The adhesive strip is excellent, I fitted the EZLIP to an Audi A3 mk1 which has a rounded bumper so was unsure as to how professional it would look. But its great! 100% recommend for cheap alternative splitters and side skirts. I added some self tapping screws and washers at the ends and middle for extra security. It would be good if these where supplied.

  45. Jimmy Sanchez

    Love this thing. It’s quite a bit fatter and sturdier than the original. Now I just have to paint it white.

  46. Emmanual

    Awesome really makes ur car stand out!!!

  47. Greg Byrd

    Easy to install. Used the tape that came with spoiler and also used screws for additional protection.

  48. sergio B

    trop cher pour ce que cela est!!Cependant ca donne un beau look.Colle bien pas besoin de drill.

  49. Angel Torres

    Looks nice but started coming off after the second day so I had to use gorilla glue to stick some parts back on

  50. Eugene F Gardner

    It is what it is.

  51. Sam

    Attached it on my car and it flew off the first time I went down the highway.

  52. Salvador Viera

    It stuck to the bumper for less than a week then it fell off. Would not recommend this product.

  53. sideeka

    this lip is awesome!!! Very durable and makes my car looks better…. totally worth it

  54. Denis Jessery

    Even with a good prep it still Will tend to unglue,so i screwed it in place also.
    Looks great…

  55. abdikadir bakari

    Uless you use screws…..it wont stay for not even a day……..the two ends started to fall off just driving in town around 40mph only 3 hrs after instalation.

  56. Ramzi

    Looks Awesome. Great quality. Fast shipping

  57. Thomas Johnson

    Doesn’t stick had to screw this lip.on in different spots every few days when the adhesive lost its stickiness

  58. 2012 Toyota Corolla S – Ez Lip Pro

    Loving the new lip from Ez Lip Pro!

  59. Dom Allegra

    Couldnt find a good splitter for an 04 Stratus RT at a reasonable price, so I decided to take a shot at this. I’m extremely satisfied with the way it came out on my car. Adds a much meaner look to the front of my car without looking cheap. Make sure to read the install tips properly, follow all the steps and you should have no issues. Very simple install. It says to not drive your car for 72 hours after install. I waited about 11 hours to drive on a hot day and used a heat gun with the install and have had no issues. I see a lot of people have problems with this coming off easily in certain situations. I believe it’s all about the proper install and to make sure you drive properly the following days after the install. Dryer conditions help it mold to the bumper quicker so I wouldn’t recommend washing your car for 1-2 days after the install because water/soaps seeps into the top of the lip which can detach the bond from the bumper. Water will get into the lip regardless but the first few days after install are crucial for longevity of the product.

  60. shive

    Its been 6 months since i have installed this and it has already ripped by it self i will post pictures

  61. Nik

    After I lowered my Subaru I wanted the front to ‘look’ really low to the ground and the ez lip pro did just that! If I do bottom out the foam just bends around what’s on the ground and doesn’t make a loud scrapping sound. Really easy to apply but you really only have one shot cause it sucks to undo. I used self taping screws to drill into the bumper to insure it won’t ever come undone. I wouldn’t recommend that on your brand new bmw though. Would definitely recommend this product to my friends. Ever one asks and I make sure to tell them to get the pro kit because it is way bigger than the other lip they sell.

  62. Sylvia


  63. Norm Sellers

    Make sure you take your time on the install. You have to prep the area and use a HEAT gun to make sure it sticks properly or you will be driving down the road and it will catch and pull it off. Just make sure you install it correctly and you will not have a problem.

  64. Luis R.

    Looked nice for the 5 days it lasted. Adhesive gave up after a few days. Cleaned the bumper thoroughly with Isopropyl alcohol and heated the adhesive prior to installing but that wasn’t enough

  65. christopher smith

    Sucked!! Started peelin off the 2nd day

  66. C.K. Ho

    The main reason I bought this EZLip Pro was to replace my old EZLip which was already about 3 to 4 years.
    A side story that i also bought the removal tool from EZLip official web store to remove the left over of the 3M tape. But so frustrated that this tool pulled out the paint too. Finally had to use the hair dryer and Goo Gone to clean up. So DON’T buy their removal tool.

    – Much thicker and larger than the non Pro one.
    – It’s more noticeable than the non Pro one.
    – Look great after installed.

    – Too thick and strong. Not flexible enough for the round sharp corner or some curves area.
    – Might not fit and not quite easy to perfectly install than you think on some non regular sharp bumper.
    – Need to think about how to hold two end point. It’s the weakest and starting area to fall off in the future. I highly recommend EZLip whether it’s possible to provide some extra accessory like clips.

  67. Adam Jaffe

    There are cheaper options but this works great. I used 5 screws in addition to the 3m to hold it across the lip. Great lowering effect. Wish it were more solid foam/rubber

  68. Will Adams

    Not exactly the stickiest tape I’ve ever used, but once its up there it looks real good. The ends didn’t want to stay stuck up, but I used two-part epoxy to remedy it. I had no issues with the normal EZ lip I previously used when it came to tackiness, but this one definitely looks “meaner.”

  69. Princess dimples

    It looks amazing ! Even after following installation instructions my lip came off . Saw it through my rear view mirror as all the cars behind me ran over like if they were testing it for quality assurance . Wouldnt be so upset if i wouldnt of spent 60.00 . Replace tape before installation . Sorry no photo everything ended so fast .

  70. fred hellinger

    fell off in a week

  71. steven ruiz

    A bit harder to kee in tact around the corners but great quality.

  72. Scott Pantin

    It’s great!! Wish I had brought it the first time. I brought the red package first

  73. Osmar V.

    I put it on my Mini Cooper and I hit 1 curb and it completely came off ,it did not stick very well I guess but it did look super nice just wish it would of stick better

  74. Mario de alba

    I put it on one day, and it started to peel off. Definitely not wourth the money I paid. Very dissatisfied !

  75. Cassie Young

    Ezlip was easy to install and looks great. So far, it’s hanging tight. Good product.

  76. Mike allen

    This product was awesome. Easy to install and the tape held great.

  77. Original DRT

    Great products, I have been using them for years. If installed to a clean, dry surface using a heat gun on the tape, they hold for a long time.

  78. christorpher guzman

    It’s a nice way to make your car look Lower but it’s too much money for me to apply this around my entire car it’ll be $200+ Which is too much money in my opinion but it’s a good way to make it look lower

  79. Deneth

    Fast delivery and quality product thank u guys

  80. T

    Absolute trash. The description states that it has automotive quality 3M adhesive yet it does nothing in terms of actually sticking and holding onto the car. Only 3ft of the ENTIRE roll’s adhesive actually worked. Now because I have used the lip I can no longer send it back for refund. Unless you’re prepared to drill countless screws into your front bumper DO NOT BUY THIS

  81. Cecotto

    Product as described. Very strong material and good adhesive

  82. Paul

    Looks great on my g37
    Easy to install
    Super fast shipping

  83. lou

    this product is awesome.. i used a heat gun as i put it on. i recommend you do so also to get the best adhesion. i also had a friend help which is a good idea to have someone hold it study while you put it on.

  84. nguyen , minh-duc

    Easy to install, fast shipping, I wish they would include the ezlip sticker


    I put this on My 2010 Panamera and look fantastic for the price , if my wife hits a curb stop , It flexs right back .

  86. Zancini

    Make sure you get some 3 M adhenison promoter, sponge applicator with this product. I wiped my bumper down with first then applied the adhension, then 3M tape. Looks great.

  87. Eduardo Rodrgiuez

    Very easy to apply and put on. Highly highly recommend putting self tapping screws. Love how flexible it is don’t have to worry about breaking.

  88. john weinbrenner

    really nice effect, however, you need to attach it with self tapping screws

  89. Gary Soliman

    Didn’t even last a week. Don’t get this. Waste of money.

  90. CarGuyChris

    It looks awesome on some cars and alright on my car, it’s a Cobalt SS missing the stock lip therefore EZ-Lip Duh! But I failed to notice the corners on the inside of my bumper cover where it’s falling, regardless that car is getting the stock lip and a fresh spray and I will be purchasing a new EZ-Lip after, impressed with the product disappointed in myself haha

  91. Rafa

    After a month it started to peel off. Strongly suggest you just go and spend the money on a real solid lip that you can drill. The adhesive doesn’t last long.

  92. Roy

    Item only lasted for a picture 😅 was falling off after the first drive. I was even careful enough installing that I did the heat up the tape with blowdryer for “better results” method -__- very disappointed

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