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  • Stefan Stoynov

2020 has been rough enough, let’s not let your Audi feel the toll of this past year. EZ Lip is designed to protect, created to last, and imagined by our team to appeal to any vehicle owner. Details to follow, on how to start this next year off on the right tire. 


Red Audi EZLip

If you’re an owner of an Audi, surely you want to protect it. Our EZ Lip Kit will not only make your car look better and more aerodynamic but will also protect that fresh new paint from road debris flying up into your bumper. Those paint chips get to be a real eye sore over time (and not to mention the value it can take off your car when you go to resell). Avoid the stress of accidentally nailing a speed bump or curb with an EZ Lip, Lip Kit. The best part? It’s also intended to protect the wallet. Just because it’s that awesome, doesn’t mean you’re going to have to pay a fortune to reap the benefits.

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Quality product for a quality car. We have built this product to outlive your Audi. The EZ Lips were created specifically to endure the harsh weather environments, the road grime and minimize the scratches, dings, and dents that are inevitable when owning a vehicle. EZ Lip is created to last, from the race track to every day driving, no matter what make or model. The foundation of this product is built upon the “Bend, Don’t Break” mindset. EZ Lips are made with EPDM Foam Rubber with 3M automotive adhesive


Practical AND applicable. The EZ Lip, Lip kit offers basic scrape protection and a more sportier appearance. The Lip Kit appeals to every Audi owner. No matter what type of Audi you have, a universal lip kit will fit all your needs. Whether you have the Audi R8 and are burning tires and racing high end vehicles, or own the Q7, just taking the kids back and forth to school… our EZ Lip has a universal build for seriously any car. One of our favorite Audi models matched with our EZ Lip is the Audi S5. Comparable to nothing else is the sporty, two-door car with a nice lip on the front, offsetting it to give the lowered look. What you drive says a lot about who you are, and if you’re looking for something practical to ease the day to day damage your car endures, while still keeping a slick, sweet appearance, you’ve come to the right place.

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Audi or not, these guys have nice cars and love their EZ Lips!

“Amazing EZ Lip! Front lip super amazing I recommend to anyone who wants a fun easy to apply front lip to give your car a lower car look.”

I've had the EZLip mounted on my track-only car's front splitter for many miles and it's holding up well despite the many hits it gets from tire "clag"/track debris... like the look and I think it helps aero. Install was an easy, great product.”

Wanted EZ Lip for two reasons, to protect the very low front end of my 2020 Lotus Evora GT and add to the appearance. Easy installation and certainly exceeded my expectations.”

Don’t be afraid to start 2021 off with a purchase that will so easily turn in to your best investment of the year.