Car Splitters: What They Are and How They Work

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of aftermarket modifications that you can get for your car. Because there are so many choices available, it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your vehicle. To help narrow down the list, take a look at car splitters and what they are and how they work.


Car splitters are meant to accomplish two things for any car that uses them. By attaching a stick-on front splitter to your front bumper, you will notice the first goal immediately, which is to improve the overall appearance of your car. The splitter is an aesthetic piece that extends the bumper, so it is closer to the ground. This makes it look like your car is lower to the ground, just like a sports car. The car splitter also improves the traction of the car at higher speeds, improving its overall functionality. This is the bigger goal of the splitter, and you can really feel the difference once you are going fast enough.

How They Work

The improved traction from the use of a car splitter comes from the use of low-pressure and high-pressure wind. When a normal car that doesn’t have a splitter drives at high speeds, the wind blows both above and below the car. Due to an imbalance in the wind’s pressure, the wind under the car lifts the car slightly. This actually hurts the car’s handling, as the front wheels lose traction. A splitter works to block the high-pressure winds from moving below the car. This forces the winds over the car instead, applying a downward force to the car. The downward force pushes the wheels of the car onto the ground and gives the car better traction.

Now that you know what car splitters are and how they work, you can make an informed decision on your car modifications. If you want better traction at high speeds and a sleeker look that makes your vehicle appear closer to the ground, a car splitter is what you want.