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Lowering your car may have been the first and highest priority on your car modification list. Or maybe something you have just started thinking about since pressing rewind and bingeing the Fast & Furious series. Car enthusiasts everywhere know that it doesn’t matter if you’ve been planning on lowering your car since before purchase or just decided to take on this new project. However, the process of lowering your car isn’t necessarily the easiest thing. It will throw things off a bit, like the suspension alignment. This isn’t to say that it’s impossible to add some character to your own vehicle. But, take it from us, if you’re about to drop it low take these tips in to consideration. 

DID YOU KNOW: Did you know, in the Fast & Furious, “The Race Wars scene” was full of real car enthusiasts?! The director had visited actual street races in Los Angeles, and enlisted the actual racers (and their actual cars) as extras in some scenes. That included more than 1,500 car enthusiasts. Sign us up! 


Lowering springs are designed to lower your car by using slightly smaller springs with marginally higher spring rates to compensate for the lower ride height. Moreover, by using smaller springs, the entire vehicle sits lower to the ground. The difference between lowering springs and coilovers is that lowering springs are designed to replace your original springs and work with the other factory. They are made to support the weight of the vehicle. You can, quite simply, remove the old springs and swap in the new for better handling, more stability, less body roll for sharp corners, and it’s a cost-effective way to lower your vehicle. Make sense? Good. Now to Coilovers.  



What are these guys? ADJUSTABLE. They are your answer to riding low and maintaining a smooth, quality ride. Coilovers are performance suspension parts that replace the shocks and coil springs in your front suspension. Coilovers offer a much more effective ride performance with a greater range of adjustability. Most importantly, they allow you to adjust the damping and height on the fly. Now, imagine being at a car show with all of your buddies and you tell them that you just installed a coilover suspension. Instant prestige. That’s the things with coilovers, they have an awesome reputation in the car industry. 


Air ride suspensions are said to let your car float or glide over bumps. By releasing or filling the air pressure in the suspension system, the buoyancy creates a gentle lift and drop with the turns in the road. Pretty cool, right? They may come at an extra cost, even in luxury vehicles, but the benefits are many! Easier to tow, less-harsh of a ride, reduced noise, and better resale value.    


Lowering your vehicle takes work, yes, but having a lower center of gravity increases stability. The car will be more aerodynamic with less air going underneath which can reduce the amount of drag. Improved handling and better aesthetics are also undeniable benefits of lowering your vehicle. It will sit flatter through turns, most importantly, and look slick doing it.

In conclusion, whether it’s lowering springs, coilovers, or air ride suspensions, lowering your vehicle is completely doable and is a timeless look for car enthusiasts everywhere. 

Here’s the thing, if you read this, and really aren’t feeling the whole lowering car modification (it again takes a lot of work) we have an option for you! EZ Lip created the front bumper spoiler kit that gives you a fast, affordable, and flexible solution to giving your car a lower look. Learn how to get the lowered car look without the hassle.