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“Easy installation, looks nice on the car I definitely recommend if you’re testing out a look before going full send and spending a ton of money on a body kit.”

“Great product, and super easy to install.”

“Always a quality product, and easy application.”

Why EZ Lip Side Skirts?

Our customers said it best. If you’re in the market for an EZ way to add protection and flair to your car’s sides, you’re in the right place. Made in the USA, our EZ Lip Side Skirts offer the same hassle-free, affordable protection as the original EZ lip, but for your vehicle’s sides. The EZ Side Skirts kit includes two classic EZ Lips designed to fit and cover both sides of your vehicle, providing damage protection and style. 

Designed with car enthusiasts in mind, the EZ Lip Side Skirts kit is universally compatible, which means it will fit most vehicle models. Whether you’re looking for a customized, lowered look, or simply looking for protection, our EZ Lip Side Skirts are manufactured with quality 3M automotive tape. You can feel confident knowing our side skirts endure all climates, car washes, and high-speeds. We’ve tested our side skirts with speeds up to 180 MPH, with no adhesion issues. 

The average NASCAR car can reach speeds of 150 miles per hour to over 200 miles per hour.
This would be the same as traveling the length of a football field in only one second…  

EZ to customize

The EZ Side Skirts are currently offered in our standard best-selling black model. If you need a color, simply order two rolls from our EZ Lip Colors selection! Created with our Patented InvisEdge™ for professional style and appearance, EZ Lip colors are currently available in Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Red, and White. It’s easier than ever to customize your ride and stand out from the crowd. 

In the 1950s, George Barris created the ‘BatMobile’ by customizing a 1955 Lincoln Futura… think the days of Hot Rods and custom car clubs! 

EZ to Install

Working with vehicles and parts can get complicated, but customizing doesn’t have to be. This is a time thing – just think – all the time not wasted searching for the custom molded lip for your car’s make and model when ours fits all. The ease of the 3M peel and stick application process is a no brainer compared to measuring a lining, drilling, and mounting. No screws required, it’s a quick 3-step installation process (just check out Youtube there are guys doing it all the time). It’s an affordable yet effective aftermarket upgrade and the ideal choice for any automotive enthusiast who wants the sleek look and performance gains without the burden of improper installation or wrongly ordered products. We’re just here to tell you that you really do not have to spend your life savings to set your car apart from others.

Tips and Reminders for Customizing with EZ Lip’s Side Skirts

ez lip side skirts
  • When installed properly the 3M automotive tape is as strong as using screws and can easily last for years
  • Can be cleaned during your automated or manual car wash
  • Each roll is 8 1/2 feet long and you generally need one roll for each side of a vehicle
  • Designed to absorb impacts that would normally damage your bumper
  • Clean underneath the vehicle before application (rubbing alcohol is the way to go)! 

Preparing for EZ Installation

The first step before installing the side skirts is to thoroughly clean the entire area using isopropyl alcohol (be sure to test a small, unobtrusive area to check color-fastness). We know you’re excited, but this step is crucial. Patience. The application area must be completely dry before installing your EZ Lip Side Skirts. Proper surface preparation is critical for a solid bond.

Step 1: Peel

After you hold the EZ Lip Side Skirts up to the mounting area to visualize where it will be secured, slowly peel the protective film from the tape starting at one end of the EZ Lip and attach it to the sides of your vehicle. 

Step 2: Press

Continue installing to the rest of your vehicle while making sure to firmly press and hold the EZ Lip Side Skirts adhesive against the surface of your car for 5-10 seconds. This will eliminate air bubbles and gaps. For best results install the EZ Lip Side Skirts about 6 inches at a time. 

Step 3: Cut

Once you’ve reached the end of the mounting area, cut off the excess lip with sharp scissors. This step is exciting because it’s the last one before you see the finished product.  

And that’s it! You’re ready to show off your customized side skirts! Be sure not to wash your vehicle for 24 hours after installation to allow complete drying time. Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, we know that you will love your new EZ Lip Side Skirts. Visit the EZ Lip website for video tutorials and more information on EZ Lip Side Skirts! 

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