Comparing the EZ Lip Scrape Guard & SLiPLO Skid Plate

Comparing the EZ Lip Scrape Guard & SLiPLO Skid Plate

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Ever been excited over driving your sleek, low-profile car around town to the envy of all, only to get to your driveway and a sense of dread settles at the pit of your stomach?

The expectant dreaded scraping sound from your car "meeting and greeting" that seemingly harmless low ramp. You can't help but wince at the thought of the damage and costly repairs of your vehicle's pristine paint and, worse, those expensive carbon fiber and aftermarket spitters.

Ease your worries today!

We introduce you to the world of scrape guards - that cushioning layer added to any vehicle to resist impact and prevent costly damage caused by scraping against curbs, parking block or driveways. But which scrape guard is best for your car? Let's explore the features, affordability, and craftsmanship of the EZ Lip Scrape Guard against the SLiPLO Universal Skid Plate, ensuring you make the right choice for your car from the top two scrape guards available in the market.


Product Features

SLiPLO Universal Skid Plate

The SLiPLO Universal Skid Plate is the solution for a protected, pristine bumper as it eliminates steep driveway scrapes, parking curb strikes, and pothole bumper damage. The skid plate’s universal design fits seamlessly around most standard cars, trucks, and SUVs, a testament to the versatility of its engineers.

SLiPLO's no-drill application allows for easy installation. You don’t need to drill, weld, fix rivets, or use liquid adhesive to fit SLiPLO bumper lip guard on your car, unlike some undercarriage protectors that require screws and rivets.

SLiPLO attaches directly to the underside of your bumper without the need to use any hardware. The high-quality polyurethane makeup of its production material working in conjunction with the 3M super strength double-sided adhesive ensures a secure grip of the guard to your car against the elements.


EZ Lip Scrape Guard:

The EZ Lip Scrape Guard is the Universal Fit scrape guard – one-size-fits-all, effortlessly adapting to the shape, curves, and nuances of any car model. Its patented Dual-Edge design allows you to protect two surfaces at the same time.  It's the only scrape guard that protects the front and bottom of your bumper! 

It takes only a matter of minutes with EZ Lip Scrape Guard's quick 3-step installation to add a layer of protection to your car. Just Peel, Stick and Cut! It's the no-brainer option if you want to retain the resale value of any vehicle.

Rain or shine, fast or slow - the EZ Lip Scrape Guard is crafted to endure all conditions and weather. It protects your paint from ravages of the road. With proper installation, it can easily withstand car washes, high speeds, and any environment you put them through.

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Key Differences

  1. Extended Protection: The Dual-Edge Advantage

SLiPLO's Universal Skid Plate focuses on the bottom surface, protecting against scratches, scuffs, and impacts while the EZ Lip Scrape Guard extends maximizes coverage with it's unique Dual-Edge design.

Unlike traditional scrape guards, the EZ Lip Scrape Guard not only shields the bottom but also covers the front vertical side of the bumper. This unique feature offers comprehensive protection, safeguarding more surface area from potential damage caused by driveways, speed bumps and parking blocks or curbs. The Dual-Edge design not only enhances protection but also gives your vehicle a customized look, combining functionality with style.

Patented Dual-Edge design


  1. Proudly Made in the USA: Quality You Can Trust

EZ Lip is designed and manufactured in the USA with top-quality materials and craftsmanship. Your style and the durability of the product are always top of mind. Much like the dedication to quality that has positioned American brands like Ford as trailblazers in the world of automobiles, EZ Lip has become the standard to beat in the realm of vehicle protection accessories.

With a design and manufacturing rooted in the United States, EZ Lip contributes to the rich tapestry of American ingenuity and craftsmanship and focuses on delivering exceptional performance.


  1. Affordability: Budget-Friendly Protection

SLiPLO offers excellent protection but the EZ Lip Scrape Guard stands out as a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality or coverage. 

Conclusively, the significant advantages of choosing the EZ Lip Scrape Guard are its affordability, universal compatibility, easy installation without drilling or screws, and Dual-Edge design. The EZ Lip Scrape Guard also offers a cost-effective solution for vehicle protection and is designed to retain the resale value of your vehicle without breaking the bank.