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mustang with ez lip pro

To compare EZ Lip vs EZ Lip Pro is like being compared to two siblings – you’re not really supposed to do it, but we do anyway. If you compare an older brother to a younger brother, you should have your facts straight. It’s the respectful thing to do! Both come from a great family, both are quality people that live healthy lifestyles. But at the end of the day, there are some differences in their appearance and daily lives. EZ Lip and EZ Lip Pro, for example, both are made in the USA, beyond affordable compared to their competitors, and are created to last through harsh conditions. But the details are important here! Keep reading to learn more about EZ Lip vs. EZ Lip Pro. 

Our original EZ Lip front lip spoiler is the best option if you want basic scrape protection and a more sportier appearance. Offering a universal fit, one size fits all and your car lowered by up to 1 inch. Designed to protect your paint from driveways, speed bumps, and curbs. What’s great is that it’s compatible on the front, sides, and rear of cars. No drilling or screws required and if installed correctly, the advantages are many! Better traction control, improves vehicle mileage, and provides laminar air flow. What’s the price you may ask? $34.99 for an original EZ Lip. Best bang for your buck! You could consider the EZ Lip the “younger brother” compared to the two. EZ Lip is there for you when you need it most and the aggressive car look job done.   

DID YOU KNOW: It would take less than a month to get to the moon by car. If you drive straight up, at an average of 60mph, you could get to the moon in under a month. 

ford focus with ez lip pro


*Que in the “big brother.”* The EZ Lip PRO has the largest and most durable design. This is the best choice if you have a lowered car that requires enhanced scrape protection and an extra aggressive appearance. This spoiler lip is made from tough Dura-X Foam rubber and features our patented InvisEdge for a seamless installation and professional look. The Dura-X Foam offers a rubber for ultra tear-resistance and durability. Along with the original EZ Lip, it is able to mold to the shape of virtually any car. This product also lowers your car by up to 2 inches, this is the lowest look we offer! You can count on an easy, 3-step installation process, there are no drills or screws required. Benefits include improved handling of your vehicle and aerodynamic drag reduction. 

DID YOU KNOW: The world’s fastest street-legal production car is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, at 267 mph (431 km/h). That’s fast!

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Let’s just say one brother isn’t better than the other. You like them in different scenarios… one you enjoy mountain climbing dangerous terrains with and the other is more fun to take to a party.  

Scenario A: You want a sport appearance on your car, you’re looking for a quick installation process and inexpensive customization option that offers basic protection. The answer is the original universal EZ Lip. 

Scenario B: You want the largest and most lasting design. You’re still looking for a quick installation process but don’t mind spending a few more dollars to get the option that’s going to lower your car 2 full inches. It offers great protection and gives you a more aggressive look. The answer is EZ Lip PRO.  

It can be a tough choice when you’re deciding which EZ Lip is best for you – EZ Lip vs EZ Lip Pro! The good news is, you really can’t go wrong with either. If you check out the Gallery on our website, you can easily view other car owners that have used EZ Lip and EZ Lip Pro on their vehicles. Also, when it comes to price, the EZ Lip and EZ Lip Pro are one of the lowest costs in the industry for lip spoilers. The original EZ Lip provides optimal performance for your basic needs. If you’re looking for something larger that has the highest durability, check out EZ Lip Pro

ford focus