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How do you get your car sponsored? It’s EZ with us!

Queen said it best in the 70’s, “I’m in love with my car.” At EZ Lip, we’re in love with our cars and we hope that you are in love with your car too. We spend a lot of time in our cars, (37,935 hours in an average lifetime) to be exact. We also love our cars so much that our average lifetime spending on automobiles is $335,080. That’s about 10% of our average lifetime earnings with a bachelor’s degree. Bottom line, people love their cars, and we think that’s a great thing at EZ Lip! Some things never change, whether you’re into competitions, car shows, car meets, or you’re just looking to customize your daily driver, EZ Lip wants to support you! Joining our team is as EZ as 1,2,3! Keep reading. 


Be a part of something bigger than yourself (not that you’re not GREAT) but joining a family of car enthusiasts is exciting for someone dedicated to the automotive industry. You’ll be able to spark conversations and share your vehicle’s newest customization with car enthusiasts alike. When you get your car sponsored and it gets featured on our website or social media platforms, it will open doors (and a few windows) into an exciting new world of car talk, customization jargon, and automotive fanatics. Our Facebook @EZLip, Instagram @EZLip_Official, and Youtube @TheEZLip channels have had the opportunity to showcase some slick rides the past years, and we’re excited to have it continued with yours. By following you can also see the latest EZ Lip news, fan builds, and contests.

DID YOU KNOW: Our fanbase is INTERNATIONAL! Three social media platforms bring car heads from around the world together. That’s just neat.   



Don’t forget that having us as a car sponsor means exclusive product discounts. Can it get better than that? What is better than products you already LOVE, for cheaper… this is exclusive! At EZ Lip we get excited about the idea of our biggest fans and supporters getting their favorite products at a discount. From the variety of EZ Lips to the numerous color options available, the possibilities are endless for discounts. We’ll give you all the nitty gritty details once you apply. Don’t get too excited and stop reading, keep reading, and then get excited and apply here for a sponsorship opportunity.    

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DID YOU KNOW: The average American will spend two weeks of his or her life stopped at red lights… hopefully when you’re stopped, the person next to you gets to stare at an EZ Lip. 


Free? FREE! Our fans really enjoy the EZlip swag, especially when it’s again, FREE! Free swag is just another bonus, don’t just get your car decked out, but deck yourself out! EZ Lip offers T-shirts for the ultimate fans, as well as Banners, Lanyards, Air Fresheners, and Decal Kits. If you’re curious about other perks, you can find all of our EZ Lip accessories on our online store.  


The EZ Lip Sponsorship application process is simple: We like to keep things simple, so follow the link here to join our team. We offer sponsorship opportunities for all types of vehicles, so don’t be shy! Some basic information, a few photos, and a quick hello will do. We can’t wait to hear from you! If you travel in a pack that’s no problem. We sponsor car clubs too! Again, Queen said it best in the 70’s, “I’m in love with my car.” Let us sponsor you, your car, and take advantage of being a part of our team at EZ Lip!