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EZ Lip Products

Want to learn more about EZ Lip and what we have to offer? We made a quick and easy guide for you!

One question we get a lot is, “What is EZ Lip?”. People see our products and say “it’s just weather stripping”, or are curious as to what we do as a company. The answer is LOTS, and we’ll give you a quick rundown of it all in this blog.

Here at EZ Lip we have a lot of different products, including a bunch of variations of our original front lip that we first started from. We’ll start this blog outlining our different products, and then get into how you can get them, as well as a chance for sponsorship opportunities and much more.


As you can see in the photo below, we have a lot more to offer than just one type of EZ Lip. On our online store, you can find everything from the newest released EZ Lip Colors to the latest EZ Lip swag.

We have four different types of EZ Lips that we offer to suit almost any vehicle’s needs. To learn more about them just scroll down and see the descriptions below. If you’re already familiar with our products, keep scrolling – we’ve got even more good stuff for you further down!


EZ Lip:

Our original EZ Lip. Designed with budget, style and protection in mind – the EZ Lip offers an optimal combination of flexibility, durability and ease of installation. Most other comparable lip brands are more expensive, use lesser quality materials, or require you to use hardware to install the product. Get yours on our online store HERE


Our largest and most durable EZ Lip yet. Designed to take on the toughest scrapes and give your vehicle the lowest look. EZ Lip PRO is for those enthusiasts who like their car looking as low as possible. Using the same patented InvisiEdge™ design as our other models the EZ Lip PRO also seamlessly blends to the look of your car’s bumper. Get yours on our online store HERE

EZ Lip Colors:

Get unique customization that only EZ Lip can offer! As the world’s first pre-colored universal lips EZ Lip Colors give your car some extra style with several colors to choose from. Combined with our patented InvisEdge™ design and 3M installation tape EZ Lip Colors are designed to look great and easily endure all climates, car washes and high speeds. Get yours on our online store HERE

EZ Side Skirts:

Our value pack option that lets you add two original EZ Lip’s as side skirts on your vehicle for a discounted price. EZ Side skirts give your vehicle that extra edge, by having all sides protected and lowered. Made with the same durable materials as all of our other products you can be confident installing EZ Side Skirts on your vehicle. Get yours on our online store HERE


On top of all the great products we have, fans also have the opportunity to get some really cool EZ Lip accessories ranging from T-shirts to banners, to everyday items, and tools to enhance your EZ Lip experience.


EZ Lip Clothing & Swag:

EZ Lip offers T-shirts for the ultimate fans, as well as Banners, Lanyards, Air Fresheners, and Decal Kits. You can find all of our EZ Lip accessories on our online store HERE

EZ Lip Tools:

Our Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap lets you customize your vehicle even more, by giving you the option

to wrap your EZ Lip and give it that sleek carbon fibre look. You can find it on our online store HERE

Our EZ Lip Removal Tool, also lets you easily remove your old EZ Lip if you’re looking to replace it with one of our newer models. You can find it on our online store HERE


So now that you’ve seen what we have to offer here at EZ Lip, you’re probably wondering how you can score some of these products for yourself. Well you’re in luck! At EZ Lip we offer sponsorship opportunities for all types of vehicles. We’re proud to say that we’ve sponsored some great rides over the years, and continue to give the opportunities for fans to showcase their vehicles on our website.

How to Apply?

It’s easy, to apply for sponsorship visit our Page, or send us an email to with your request. We’re also working on a new streamlined website form that you can fill out to request sponsorship so be sure to check back frequently.


At EZ Lip, we admit we have the best fan community out there; we mean it we really do! Not only do our fans support the brand but we all have a great time doing it. We love learning about our fans and seeing what you are up to, which is why we encourage you to share your photos with us on social media or through the Fan Showcase section of our website.

By joining the EZ Lip community you’ll have thousands of other like-minded car enthusiasts to chat and share your photos with. Plus, on top of the great rides you’ll see we also run frequent giveaways so that you have the opportunity to win even more EZ Lip products.

Joining the community is easy! All you have to do is follow us on one of our social media pages Twitter (@EZLip_Official), Instagram (@EZLip_Official) or Facebook (EZ Lip), and you’ll be in on all the latest EZ Lip news and giveaways.

Fan Sponsored and Submitted Vehicles

To give you a taste of what it’s like to be a part of the EZ Lip community we’ve shared some of the showcased and sponsored vehicles that have been submitted by fans like you. Enjoy!