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June 21st has passed and now that it’s officially summer we’re here to talk about the best summer car mod on the market – EZ Lip. 

The snow is gone, the sun has arrived, and now car season is in full effect! Whether you’re into imports, modern muscle, or classics, this is the time of year we all look forward to. Long summer days, detailing our rides, attending show and shines, or just cruising around with friends and family, the summer just gets all of us gear-heads excited. 

Now before you all take off for the cottages or for those road trips we have a couple things we want to touch on. This month’s blog post will cover everything you need to know about EZ Lip this summer, so be sure to keep reading! A quick highlight of what we’ll be covering: 

  1. About EZ Lip
  2. New Products For Your Road Trip
  3. Sponsoring of Events and Vehicles
  4. Friendly Reminder


EZ Lip is so much more than just a lip for your car’s bumper, we’re a growing and passionate community of auto enthusiasts who take pride in enhancing the life, look, and value of our vehicles.  Originating from the do-it-yourself garage door seal concept, EZ Lip is now the world’s most popular universal spoiler lip and has been committed to designing and developing innovative universal spoiler lips since 2010.


We have two new products to mention that you might want to stock up on before your next road trip or car meet. You may have seen them on our website or somewhere across our social media already but for those of you who missed it we’ve got you covered. 

Blue EZ Lip:

EZ Lip Colors in BLUE is now officially available for purchase on our website. This new color was a popular choice by our fans and was next on the list to bring to you and it is finally here. If you have a vehicle that EZ Lip Colors in blue will match with be sure to get this installed just in time for that road trip!

EZ Lip Apparel:

Next item on the agenda is a little EZ Lip swag. Everyone needs clothes and we just released an awesome new T-shirt that comes in two variations – Neon & Cyan. Our stylish and super comfy EZ Lip T-Shirt is silk screened with durable inks and designed with a classic fit for maximum comfort. Nothing like a fresh new shirt for the road!


Here at EZ Lip we’re trying to impact the automotive community in as many ways as possible. Whether by coming out with new products, expanding our dealer network, building a tight community with our fans, or getting involved in local events. We’re always working on ways to continue getting involved and making a positive impact amongst automotive enthusiasts.

This year we’ve ramped up our sponsorship opportunities here at EZ Lip. If you’re looking to host an event, or just want to sponsor your own ride we’ve made it easier than ever to get in contact with us.

Event Sponsorships:

Whether you’re hosting a charity event, car show, or something else, EZ Lip is proud to offer sponsorship for worthwhile causes. We won’t go into too many details here since we wrote an entire blog post about event sponsorships a few months back, however we encourage anyone that would like to reach out to us to email Please introduce yourself, the event you would like sponsored, the nature of the event, and any possible details you can provide to help our team streamline the process and see if it’s a good fit with our company.

Personal Sponsorships:

Looking to continue building your ride and be sponsored by EZ Lip? We’re proud to say that we’ve sponsored some great rides over the years, and continue to give the opportunities for fans to showcase their vehicles on our website. Recently we’ve also partnered with to give you even more ways to get an EZ Lip sponsorship.

To apply for sponsorship, visit, or send us an email to with your request. We’re also working on a new streamlined website form that you can fill out to request sponsorship and will post the link back here once it’s done.


Now is the time of year where everyone is going outside and enjoying themselves, with the 4th of July around the corner and countless other summer holidays/events there’s no shortage of things to do. This is why we’d like to remind our readers to please Stay Safe While Driving. Last year we published a very touching story from one of our fan’s Billy, about how he was disabled from a distracted driver.

Distracted Driving & the consequences of not paying attention on the road are very real. To help spread Billy’s story we encourage you to read it here.

The story has an important lesson though and features a great car from a great fan, so we encourage you read the entire thing!


Thank you for taking the time to read our EZ Lip 2017 Summer Blog. As a gift, we’d like to offer you this awesome DIY Budget Car Mods Guide that we put together for you to do some quick, easy, and affordable summer car mods while enjoying the weather.

Thanks for reading, drive safe and enjoy your summer!

– The EZ Lip Team