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EZ Lip Fan Faceoff

Not too long ago we launched a blog post about the largest contest EZ Lip hosts every year, The EZ Lip Fan Faceoff. If you didn’t get a chance to read it don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can find a link to the post here

Now that you’re all caught up we can move on. 


This year’s fourth official EZ Lip Fan Faceoff launched April 1st and had a great group of entrants, with vehicles submitted from all over the world. Entries varied from show and shine vehicles all the way to track cars and everything in between. The range of vehicles from modern muscle to imports was fantastic, no matter what your taste there was something for every car fan.

Among the 64 entrants, cars were randomly selected to compete in various brackets. Once in their brackets, two cars would be posted in a head to head matchup that lasted throughout the day. Whichever vehicle had the most likes on their photo by the end of the day would win the matchup and move on to the next round of the tournament.


Now it wouldn’t be a contest without some cool prizes of course. This year we upgraded our prize packs to make them better than last year’s.

This year the 1st place winner received 1 EZ Lip of their choice to put on the front of their ride, as well as a pair of EZ Side Skirts and a random assortment of accessories such as stickers, t-shirts, lanyards etc. (valued up to $150.00).

The 2nd place contestant won an EZ Lip of their choice plus an assortment of accessories listed above. (valued up to $85.00).

The 3rd place contestant won a classic EZ Lip plus an assortment of accessories (valued up to $65.00). 


Let’s take a quick look at our top 3 winners…

In 3rd place we had an extremely well built red Hyundai Veloster that not only was a show car but also a track car. This thing looked amazing in pictures so we could only imagine how many heads would turn to stare whenever it was driving down the street. The owner of the car is @pfife6, be sure to give their account a follow to stay up to date with the build. Congrats on taking 3rd place!

3rd place winner 

In 2nd place we had a very clean and simple BMW 135i. This car was in great shape and the photography taken made the vehicle pop even more. It may look simple but we’re sure what’s under the hood would give the driver a smile every time they were behind the wheel. The owner of this vehicle is @marcocruz96 be sure to give the account a follow to stay up to date with their build. Congrats on taking 2nd place!

2nd place winner 

In 1st place we had an amazing new 2016 Dodge Charger SRT. This car looked mean and beautiful, from the way it was built to its stance just sitting parked. Out of the many MOPAR’s that entered our contest this red SRT Charger pushed its way right through until the end. The owner of this car is @kingsrtluxs; be sure to follow their account to stay up to date with the build. Congratulations on winning the 2017 EZ Lip Fan Faceoff!

1st place winner @kingsrtluxs

Honorable mention to 4th place contestant @blasted_bk2_genesis

As you can see in our top 4 we had a good mix of vehicles. From American muscle, to German engineering, to Asian imports.


Now that our 2017 EZ Lip Fan Faceoff contest is over we want your feedback! What did you like about the contest, dislike, or do differently? Send us an email to with your thoughts. All feedback is welcome and we thank you in advance for the input.

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Bonus Gift:

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We’ve got you covered.

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Once again thank you to everyone who participated. We hope you had as much fun with this year’s Fan Faceoff as we did!

– The EZ Lip Team