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EZ Lip Fan Faceoff Participate

Introducing The Ultimate Fan Community Event!

Imagine a tournament that you’re in, but instead of playing on a field you’re competing with your car.

Starting April 1st  we’ll be kicking off our annual 2017 Fan Faceoff. In this contest participants will have their cars go head to head in a tournament to see who has the ultimate ride.

The contest will be held on our Instagram page @EZLip_Official where you can follow along for the entire month as participants go head to head to find out who has the community’s favorite ride. Applicants are accepted on a first come first serve basis so hurry for your chance to participate! 

The Contest

The EZ Lip Fan Face Off is the largest contest we run each year. The Faceoff puts fans vehicles head to head with one another in an online battle to win over their fellow car enthusiasts as well as the EZ Lip community.

Leading up to the contest, fans are encouraged to submit the best quality photo of their ride to our official Instagram account @EZLip_Official. If their photo is selected to participate in the contest, it’s put in a head to head matchup against other members of the EZ Lip community.

EZ Lip Fan Faceoff Participate

Updates and Announcements for the contest, will be posted to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts first.

The contest is limited to a specific number of cars and entries are accepted on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to get your entry in quick! 

To Register:

There are two ways to enter the 2017 Fan Faceoff

    1. Send us an Instagram direct message to our account @EZLip_Official stating your entry to the contest and attaching the photo you would like used. 

    2. Email us the photo of your car, plus your Instagram username to with the subject line “Contest Submission” 

Contest Rules & Prizes Below

1st Place : 1x EZ Lip PRO (front bumper) and EZ Side Skirts
2nd Place 1x EZ Lip PRO
3rd place 1x EZ Lip Original
*All prizes also include EZ Lip t-shirts and a variety of other EZ Lip accessories!

– The first 64 fan submissions will be accepted. These are on a first come first serve basis.
– Every day during the contest 2 participants’ vehicles will be paired up against one another in a head to head faceoff. The vehicle with the most likes by the end of the day will move on to the next round.
– The contest will be styled in a standard tournament bracket structure. Contestants will continue moving through each round until there is only 1 car left standing
– Contestants must have an Instagram account and be following our page @EZLip_Official to be eligible to win.
– You can only submit 1 photo and that photo will be used for entire tournament.
– Entries will be accepted up until March 31 or until spots are filled.


Past Contests

Let’s hit rewind and recap the Fan Faceoff contest we ran in 2016. Our two finalists were @ramirez_cesar with their slammed grey Subaru, and @s0uriya and their Chrysler 300! Below we’ve posted some photos so you can get an idea of the competition you will be up against.

But we don’t just stop at Fan Faceoffs. Our team here at EZ Lip love running contests throughout the year!

We appreciate our fans and try to reward our followers with giveaways and contests every few months. Whether it’s Fan Faceoffs, Like & Share contests, or something else, you can be sure to see to see some interesting stuff on the EZ Lip social media channels.

If you can’t find any contests on our social media pages we have weekly draws for a FREE EZ Lip on our website. All you have to do is fill out our brief survey to be entered for your chance to win!

Bonus Gift

Looking for some affordable ways to tune up your ride’s looks in order to prepare for the upcoming contest?

We’ve got you covered.

Download our FREE DIY budget car mod guide to help give your vehicle that extra flare and score some extra brownie points for this year’s competition.