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First and foremost, we’d like to start off by wishing all our fans around the world a Happy New Years and we hope you have an amazing 2017 to come.

To many of us a new year is a fresh start with a new set of goals and a promise to improve something. We’ve all heard that phrase “New year, new me” right? Well at EZ Lip we’re ready to kick off 2017 with some of our own goals and expectations that we’d like to share with you for this new year. In this blog post we’ll give you a brief snapshot of what to expect from us in 2017 as well as a special gift once you’ve finished reading.

EZ Lip SEMA Booth

So, without further ado we’ve put together a small list for you below to outline some of our plans for 2017.

EZ Lip New Year’s Resolution 2017:

1. Expand our global Dealership network.
2. Introduce some new products to our current product line.
3. Create more sponsorship opportunities.
4. Create more fun and frequent giveaways.

Now that you’ve seen a quick glimpse at some of our goals, let’s take a deeper dive into each of them.

Expand Our Global Dealership Network:

At EZ Lip our goal is to help you receive your EZ Lip products as soon and as conveniently as possible. Since we’re an international brand we often receive orders from all over the globe, and sometimes our international shipping options may not be fast enough for your needs. Which is why in order to shorten your wait times we’re creating and expanding our global authorized dealer network.

Our goal is to have an authorized dealer close to you so you can purchase and receive EZ Lip products from them even faster than ordering from our website. Now we can’t do this alone of course, and are currently looking to expand by adding more dealers to our list. If you’re interested in becoming and authorized EZ Lip Dealer than now is the time!

EZ Lip Taiwan Dealer

A few perks of becoming a dealer include…

– Competitive pricing.
– Low minimum order ($250.00).
– Free shipping on Domestic and International orders.
– Free promotional items with initial orders.
– Constant support to help dealers grow.
– Marketing and branding materials available at discounted cost (ex. EZ Lip Canopy, Banners, Table Covers and much more).

Not only are we excited to hear from you, but we’re even more excited to work with you. If you’d like to see if you qualify and start learning more visit our dealers page.

Introduce New Products to our Current Product Line:

Okay now, we’ll be honest with this one. We aren’t going to tell you right here and now what we have coming out because that would spoil all the fun. But what we will tell you is that we have some items that we feel you’ll love coming out in the next 12 months.

We often release hints or pre-release information on any new product that is coming to market so make sure you stay tuned by frequently checking back. If you want to hear and see exclusive information before anyone else you can get access by subscribing to our mailing list here or following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Create More Sponsorship Opportunities:

Being a gearhead, there’s nothing better than feeling like your project and ride is getting the attention it deserves. Sponsorships are always a great thing to have by various companies and sometimes they lead to free merchandise or discounts on products. At EZ Lip we get a crazy amount of sponsorship inquiries each and every day. As much as we wish we could create a sponsorship with each and every one of you, our team can only select a certain number of cars each year.

That being said 2017 is a new year and as always, we are looking to create some more of those opportunities. Whether you are an individual with an awesome ride, a racing team, or a car club interested in a potential sponsorship please contact us at so our team can see if you’re a match.

Throughout the year there may be times where we are currently not looking for sponsorship opportunities but make sure you check back time to time as this can change at any point.

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Create More Fun and Frequent Giveaways:

If you’ve been part of the EZ Lip community for a while now then you’re well aware of some of the flagship contests we run frequently throughout the year. If not don’t worry we’ll give you a quick brief. Hey you… the one that has been a fan for some time… stick around because there’s some info on some new contests that you haven’t seen yet.

Our first large contest of the year usually happens around March/April/May on our Instagram page and is called “EZ Lip Fan Faceoff”. Essentially what happens is that our fans send in photos of their rides and we put them head to head over a few weeks until we have one final winner that claims the title of the EZ Lip Fan Faceoff. This year we want it to be bigger and better than ever so make sure you get your best photo ready!

Our next large contest we tend to run is the EZ Lip Holiday Contest (our most recent one to date) which takes place on Twitter (@EZLip_Official), Instagram (@EZLip_Official) and Facebook (EZ Lip) where fans simply share a photo for an automatic entry. We have plenty of winners and lots of great prizes.

Holiday Contest 2016

In between these larger contests we run various smaller giveaways that are completely random so we encourage you to visit our social media accounts to find out first when the next give away will be. In addition to this we are in the midst of designing another large contest to add to our flagship line of giveaways. This one will sure to be a good one and one that will not disappoint!

Well now that we gave you a quick brief glimpse into 2017 you may have some questions for us. Maybe you have a question we didn’t get to or need some more information on something we mentioned above. For any inquiries please send them to and our team will be able to answer your questions.

Our Gift:

As a gift we would like to offer you this awesome DIY Budget Car Mods Guide that we put together for our fans who may want to do some quick, easy on the wallet car mods for 2017.

With the EZ Lip Fan Faceoff just a few months away the guide is the perfect way to get your car and photos looking their best just in time for the contest.

Thanks for reading and once again Happy New Years!  May 2017 be your best year yet.