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Add some style to your car’s sides with our EZ Side Skirts kit. Our side skirts kit offers the same style and protection as the original EZ Lip, but for your sides. Each kit contains two classic EZ Lips, at a discounted price.

    • Universal Fit – one-size-fits-all
    • Lowers your car by up to 1 inch
    • Designed protect your paint from driveways, speed bumps and curbs
    • Compatible on the front, sides or rear
    • No drilling or screws required
    • Quick 3-step installation
    • Made in USA
    • EPDM Foam Rubber with 3M automotive adhesive
Weight 1 lbs

16 reviews for EZ Side Skirts

  1. Landon

    It falls of after like two days

  2. Elijah Griffin

    its a great iteam , well worth the money

  3. Chucky

    I followed the instructions to have the surface cleaned with both soap and alcohol. It stays on for a week. In the second week, a third of it fell off and the adhesive strip simply won’t stick.

  4. Christopher

    Have had this on my car for over a year now and I have to say it is amazing. My G35 is on Coilovers and scrapes often but these things are so durable and keep the car looking unique. Good stick through all the harsh weathers in NY

  5. Ox Pimpin

    Ez lip are the best do it yourself lip on the market. Don’t buy the garage door stuff… it just won’t work the same… and make sure u clean the surface with alcohol!!! Had mine on for a year. Got a new car so I got a new ez lip

  6. ultrabeastmode

    So I bought this for my scion xb because it worked great on my sister’s eclipse. I guess there is not enough space for the tape to stick properly and it is already falling off. I cleaned and wiped down the spots with an alcohol pad too. Just make sure there is atleast 2″ on the bottom of your rocker panels for it to stick correctly

  7. JP

    The product is so easy to install and looks great. Totally support this product and is a great buy

  8. caz


  9. vito d alessandro


  10. Pedro Pedroso

    Good product, this my second time buying this , here some tips for , u should clean the area well with alcohol 2 or 3 times , remove the red tipe while u add it to the designated area and make pressure 3or 4tiemes . U can’t not put it and remove it again and again or it will not longer serve .

  11. Ranilo

    Looks great and it is staying on strong for months now. I am leaving in Riyadh and it is able to handle the heat!

  12. Leo

    I was surprise that this acrually look nice as a sideskirt.

  13. Phil. J

    Installation was easy cleaned desired area 3 times used a heat gun before applying to car. Durable

  14. Karlvin

    Easy to put on, and looks real good.

  15. Jose Antonio Bencomo III

    These side skirts are actually impressive. They gave my car the appearance of being lowered even more than it actually was AND they help prevent damage and scratches to the actual rocker panels. They provide a very nice visual effect as well as serve as something of a buffer between the car and the ground. They work very well especially on lowered vehicles.

  16. Conan Guo

    Easy to install and looks amazing good. It worked and protected my bumper once already after 2 days it’s installed. Glad that I spent this money.

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