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At EZ Lip, we admit we have the best fan community out there; we mean it we really do! Not only do our fans support the brand but we all have a great time doing it! We love learning about our fans and seeing what you are up to. Whether it be a project build, a cruise, your first ride or a new modification, we love hearing about it!

Now, taking photos and having them sit on your phone kind of sucks, doesn’t it? Especially when you have an awesome photo that others should see! Well, we know your pain. Which is why we do our best to share any pictures you send us with the rest of the EZ Lip community.

We have fans all around the world. This means that when we share one of your photos not only will someone in your area see it, but so will people across the globe! You’ve got to admit that’s pretty cool.

EZ Lip Euro Community

With that being said we have a challenge for all you EZ Lip fans. Are you ready? 

The Challenge:

We want you to take a photo of your car in front of a famous landmark in your area! Whether it’s a national landmark or just your favorite cruising spot, we can’t wait to see your stomping ground and share with the rest of the community!

After you’ve taken your photo be sure to send it to us on one of our social media accounts of via email; we’ll get into the details of how you can do this below.

Let’s see how far we can take this!

EZ Lip Taiwan

How to send us your photos:

Now for some of you probably have in the past already sent us photos or are planning to do so in the near future which is great, we love that so keep it coming. For all the new faces we will explain how to get involved in our social media channels and website. It is very simple and anyone can do it.


If you aren’t following us on Facebook let’s start there. This is where you can get all the latest information! So follow us by clicking here. You can send us photos in two ways; first you can direct message them to us, or send an email with your photos attached to


Once again if you aren’t following us you need to do so! You can follow us by clicking here or by searching @EZLip_Official. After you do that you can tag us in photos by using the hashtag #ezlip or send an email to;


Now this is one thing we strongly encourage you to follow. Here we run the best contests, have the best photo submissions and post very frequently too! You won’t get bored with our Instagram account. This time you have three options to send us photos; direct message us a photo to @EZLip_Official, tag us in a photo you post or once again email us at

So with the challenge set it’s up to you, our awesome fans, to send in your photos. We’re looking forward to seeing them!


– The EZ Lip Team 

PS: Here are just a few of the many great photos our fans have sent us:

EZ Lip Avenger Fan

EZ Lip EvoEZ Lip Colors Veloster

EZ Lip Toyota Celica