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The All New Gray EZ Lip 

We’re back with an all new product, and are excited to announce that it’s a new member to the EZ Lip Color family. As of last week there were only 2 colors in our product line which consisted of the famous red and white designs. But of course we couldn’t stop there, we ran the numbers by our fans, and after much anticipation we’re happy to finally announce our newest product to you, the all new Gray EZ Lip! 

This was one color we were very excited to launch because the possibilities that can be done with this design are endless. You’re probably thinking “okay the color is gray so what?” well typically when someone purchases a colored EZ Lip they want to match it as best as possible with the color of their car. This is great of course, but with a Gray EZ Lip they can do even more. Keep reading and you’ll see what we mean… 

Color Match

One of the most popular uses for our Colors lineup is to seamlessly match the color of your car with your new EZ Lip. With the new gray model there’s no exception. We know there’s a lot of silver and gray cars out there which is why we wanted to give more than just red and white car owners an option to have customized bumper lips.

Drive a silver or light gray car yourself? We definitely recommend giving the color matching a try. As you can see from the photos below the results are fantastic. 

MB3Gray EZ Lip

The Gray EZ Lip gives the car that nice original manufacturer (OEM), from the factory finish while at the same time giving it a lowered and even more sporty look.

PRO TIP: If your car has a glossy shine or luster that you’d like the EZ Lip to match with, just apply some tire shine or Armoral to get your desired look! 

Color Contrasting

We mentioned you can do even more with the Gray EZ Lip, and now we’ll show you.

EZ Lip Colors gray design can actually work very well to contrast with different vehicle colors. Unlike some of the brighter EZ Lip colors out there, the Gray EZ Lip’s more neutral tone lets it pair up with darker car colors nicely.

If you’re not into the whole color matching thing and truly want to give your car a nice flare than this option may be just for you. Take a look at the picture below to see how well the addition of a Gray EZ Lip to a not so gray car turned out… 

Gray EZ LipGray EZ Lip

Whether you’re a one color type of person or not you have to agree that the results turned out great.

This is the third color in our EZ Lip Colors collection, with more options on their way!

The new Gray EZ Lip has the same and fast installation process as our other models and also features our patent pending InvisEdge™ design feature to truly add that style and bumper protection you are looking for.

As always we love to hear from all of you, if there’s a color that isn’t in the current lineup that you would like to see let us know by reaching out to us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram channels. 

Happy driving,

The EZ Lip Team