Customize Your Car Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Fender Flares and Scrape Guards

Customize Your Car Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Fender Flares and Scrape Guards

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You take a lot of pride in your car and your truck, and you’re good about keeping your prized machine in great running shape and ensuring it looks lean, mean, and pristine. So the last thing you want while you’re runnin’ down the road or muddin’ through the backwoods is to hear the sound of a rock or other debris scraping across the side of your ride. There goes your paint job, and here comes the rust. Takes the fun right out of the trip. And then there’s the sound of the bumper thumping off a speed bump or scraping across a curb stop or parking block.

This ultimate guide will show you how picking the best fender flares and scrape guards is the perfect way to protect your investment. And not only do they keep the aesthetic appeal of your car, truck, or ATV from being compromised by scratches, scrapes, dings, and dents from flying objects, you’ll find fender flares and scrape guards add an exciting dimension to the look of your vehicle.

Fender Flares

A big reason some folks attach fender flares is to add a rugged look to their trucks, SUVs, and automobiles. But there’s more to a fender flare than just looks. Your vehicle will naturally get dings and scratches from normal wear and tear, and most of that damage will be at the edges and on the fenders, caused by debris that gets kicked up from the wheels. We’ve all been down a road that has been newly paved or graveled. Stuff just begins to fly, and no matter what we’re driving, it invariably sounds like our machines are nothing but moving targets for rocks, sticks, and even bits of metal and random debris. Even the smallest object can create a pock that, over time, will get bigger and will start to look even worse.

Fender flares are rigid fixtures that match the contour of your vehicle and are an effective extension of your fender, placed over the wheel well to ward off and deflect away the particles and debris that are naturally thrown up by rotating tires. If you have fitted your vehicle with oversized tires or a lift kit, it’s likely your state will require you to have fender flares.

Scrape Guards

Remember that day when you pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, or that big lot at the new super-sized shopping center and, as you eased toward the end of your spot, you felt and heard your bumper scrape across the concrete block that stopped your tires from rolling any farther forward. That little incident caused a massive scratch, probably large enough that your car looked like it needed stitches.

A scrape guard is an inexpensive way to protect the underside of your bumper, and the lip splitter if you have one attached to your fast machine. If you own a sexy little piece of machinery with a bumper that sits low to the ground, you don’t want to drive around without a scrape guard. The more your bumper scrapes bottom, the more likely you are to actually gouge the metal of your underside.

EZ Lip Is Your Protection on the Road

You don't want your vehicle to look like a tattered pair of jeans or a worn out sock. Whether you’re driving a full-size truck from one construction site to another, or cruising the main drag just to be seen in your gleaming new sports car, or you’re stopping at the market to pick up something for dinner, you need protection from what gets kicked up from the road or gets anchored in front of you to confine you in a parking spot.

EZ Lip has solutions for every make and model on the road. All our fender flares and scrape guards are easy to install and can be customized for your vehicle. Don’t wait for the sound of stone on metal. Shop EZ Lip today to order your fender flares and scrape guards and protect your pride and joy from the hazards of the road!

If you have any questions about fender flares or scrape guards, we're here to help. Our ultimate guide is the best resource to get all the essential information on these topics, but if you do have any further questions, please reach out to us at