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Both front lips are designed to protect your vehicle from scrapes while at the same time enhancing the look of your vehicle. Even though both brands serve the same basic functions, they are fundamentally different. We hope the information below will help you decide which one to go with.

car without any front lips

Design Features

The All-Fit Lip and EZ Lip have the same general appearance when you look at their cross-sections. However, the EZ Lip does have some extra features to help ensure the best possible aesthetic results and life of the product.

One of these features is the patented InvisEdge™ design. InvisEdge™ is a small nub that extends up from the front edge of the adhesive. Its purpose is to hide the adhesive from visibility and also protect it from the elements. This ensures a seamless final appearance and helps extends the life of the adhesive.

The EZ Lip PRO is the strongest of the front lips that EZ Lip offers. This is thanks to the proprietary Dura-X Foam™ material unique to the EZ Lip PRO. It’s a denser EPDM material that is specifically designed to absorb and endure more scraping and damage.

front lips designs

Installation Difficulty

Both front lips are installed using 3M adhesive. The All-Fit Lip has several extra steps that you’ll need to follow. In order to ensure a smooth appearance without any awkward protrusions or bulges, you’ll need to make some V-cuts into the material. This will allow it to flex better around the tight corners or curves on some bumpers. You’ll also need to add the included screws to ensure it’s securely installed and won’t come off long term.

Because the EZ Lip is more flexible, it can easily conform to a broad range of vehicles. You can rest-assured the EZ Lip will work with your make and model. Due to its optimal weight and flexibility, you also don’t need to make any cuts or use screws. It’s a simple 3-step, peel & stick process that takes about 10 minutes.

cutting your front lips

Drilling into your bumper

The All-Fit and EZ Lip both come ready to be installed out of the package. One key difference is that the All Fit lip comes with screws and washers and the EZ Lip does not. To securely install your All-Fit lip, it’s recommended that you use the included screws. On the other hand, none of the EZ Lip designs require you to drill holes into your bumper or use additional tools. This ensures that you are not creating any permanent damage to your vehicle which is especially important if you drive a leased vehicle or have a luxury car you don’t want to drill into.

drilling into your front lips


Both front lips are made of rubber material and considered universal-fit. The All-Fit Lip is made from a solid rubber while the EZ Lip has a closed-cell ‘sponge’ composition. Another key difference between the two is their flexibility. Being made from softer rubber, the EZ Lip is far more flexible than the All-Fit lip. This allows the EZ Lip to mold to the shape of your bumper much easier. The end result is a smooth and consistent look without any jagged bumps or edges. Check out the images below to compare the difference!

comparing ez lip to all fit lip


The base model of the All-Fit Lip (1.5″ size) retails for $59.95 and the regular EZ Lip retails for only $34.99 with free shipping in the USA. Considering many custom-fit polyurethane front lips are priced in the $50-$100 range, you’re probably better off ordering something that’s specifically designed for your make and model than universal front lips. However, if you need an affordable way to enhance the look of your car, the regular EZ Lip can fit into anyone’s budget.

ez lip front lips line up


All-Fit Lip’s website doesn’t make it clear if they offer any sponsorship opportunities. On the other hand, EZ Lip is always looking to support their fans. In fact, you can apply for EZ Lip sponsorship right on the website. Just click ‘Get Sponsored’ on the home page or click HERE to apply.

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