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We love the fact that we can say we have fans from all over the world! From the United States to New Zealand to China to Germany, and everywhere in between.

At EZ Lip it’s our top priority to keep our fans happy and make sure they get their orders in a timely matter. Whether you have a big show ‘n shine coming up or just want to cruise down the highway – we all know how important it is to get those car parts as soon as possible.

EZ Lip German Dealer Seker Tuning

EZ Lip Germany Dealer

At EZ Lip we’ve been working our butts off to create an extensive distribution network to help you get you your newest purchase no matter where you are in the world. Whether you order directly via our website or purchase through an authorized dealer, we want to make sure you get your EZ Lip as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Now it isn’t just us at EZ Lip that are working hard to build this great network. We owe a lot of thanks and a round of applause for our amazing distributors located all around the globe! You may have seen us post some photos, videos or share events that our distributors are attending. We encourage you to check out their pages when we share them to see what different cultures are doing and to check out some really sweet rides in the making.

EZ Lip Taiwan Dealer

EZ Lip Taiwan

Now to make your lives much easier we added a wicked cool feature to our website. Ready to hear it?

At the top of the page you might have noticed we added a button called “DEALERS”. This Dealers page has a great interactive map to show you where our distributors are located around the world. While looking through the map you’ll be able to find the name of each distributor along with their contact information.

Another cool feature on the page is the stores and website section where you can find well known companies that currently sell and carry our brand! We wanted to make your lives easier, which is why we made this one stop shop to check the best place to pick up your next EZ Lip product. You can check out our Dealers page by clicking HERE

No Dealer In Your Area?

We’re always looking to expand our network and add some more red markers that awesome map we talked about earlier.

If you’re interested in becoming an authorized EZ Lip dealer we encourage you to fill out an application and submit it to us. The form takes a few moments to fill out and is very easy. Interested in becoming an authorized dealer? Apply HERE.

To get all the EZ Lip access you want without borders be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We post all the latest updates and news on our dealers and the events there, so don’t miss out!

If you haven’t seen our DIY Budget Car Mods Guide we also encourage you to get your FREE copy of it here and get your ride looking its best today!

– The EZ Lip Team