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A Forgotten King: Mando's Dodge Neon SRT-4

A Forgotten King: Mando's Dodge Neon SRT-4

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Spawning in the early millennium the Neon SRT-4 was in a class of it’s own. After the rise of the sport compacts craze fueled by first Fast and the Furious film, the Neon SRT became one of the most modded American made sport compacts. Ever since the last model was released in 2005, the Neon SRT-4 has been mostly forgotten. We’re bringing attention back to this king of tuners in our latest post! Remember, if you own a Dodge, Mopar or SRT, all of our EZ Lips are compatible with your vehicle! Get your SRT lip by visiting our website store.

Name: Mando Mendoza

Location: Riverside, California

Age: 34

Car: Dodge SRT-4

Dream car: Aston Martin Vulcan

Team: Team Daily Driven Revolution



Mando's SRT-4


  • EZ Lip
  • Dress Up Bolts
  • Falken
  • Neck Collectors
  • 360 Products


Mando's Neon Exterior


  • Carbon by Design lip and diffuser
  • Top1 Motors Aero
  • EZ Lip – EZ Side Skirts kit
  • Work Wheels
  • Falken tires with letters
  • Wilwood Bolt-On Brake Kit


Mando's Neon Interior


  • Sparco steering wheel
  • NRG carbon fiber quick release/hub
  • Ralco short shifter
  • Sickspeed knob
  • Viper seats
  • Corbeau harnesses
  • NRG harness bar color matched to wheels
  • KICKER stereo system
  • Suede pillars
  • Special carbon fiber interior pieces
  • EZ Lip air freshener


Mando's Neon Suspension


  • Eibach Sportline springs
  • Tokico shocks
  • Energy Suspension bushings
  • Eibach sway bars


Mando's Neon SRT-4 Engine


  • Full bolt-ons
  • Borla turbo back exhaust
  • Diablo tune
  • BWS turbo
  • Power coated valve cover and injector cover
  • Eneos engine oil
  • Royal Purple Transmission fluid


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