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Universal Spoiler Lip Kits & Stick-on Front Splitters

Give your car an extra measure of protection and performance with a universal lip kit from EZ Lip. Road debris and Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your vehicle, so mitigate the damage with our universal lip spoiler. It provides basic protection from curbs, speed bumps, and driveways. In addition to added protection, our stick-on front splitters will improve the airflow over your car, reducing wind resistance for improved efficiency.

Our EZ Lip kits are easy to apply and easy to maintain. Follow our quick three-step installation, and you’ll need to stick them on only once. After application, cut the excess to size, and your car will be ready to drive. Cleaning your EZ Lip is easy: it can go through your normal car wash, and the 3M auto adhesive will remain strong.

Our kits are multipurpose as well. You can apply them to the front, the sides, or rear of your car—anywhere you need added protection against scraping the paint while on the road. We have a wide selection of colors and styles available for your EZ Lip. Whatever your vehicle’s make or model, our EZ Lip kit will work with most and look natural in appearance. EZ Lip universal lip kits are also proudly made in the USA. Any additional questions about the EZ Lip? Reach out to us!

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