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How Strong is EZ Lip?

How Strong is EZ Lip?

For this month’s blog post we’re going to answer a question we know many of you have been asking before buying your first EZ Lip. Just how strong is it? After this blog post, you’ll have the definitive answer.

Now we’ll start off by mentioning that the EZ Lip is not indestructible. On the contrary, it’s meant to absorb impacts that would otherwise damage your bumper, potentially saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in cosmetic repairs.

Below we’ll show you how the EZ Lip holds up in all kinds of different scenarios you might find yourself in.


Daily Driving:


Roads are never consistent, there are always bumps and inclines that have to potential to scrap our cars – especially when your vehicle is lowered. Which is why the first part of our EZ Lip strength blog will cover scraping.

The EZ Lip is designed to take scrapes with minimum damage. In the video below you can see both our Original and PRO models scrape coming out of a steep driveway. In each scenario, the EZ Lip protects the Audi R8s bumper from scraping the road. Saving the driver some costly touch-ups at the local body shop.

High Speeds

The EZ Lip is built to withstand speeds up to 200Mph (322 Km/h). As you can see in the image below & video above the EZ Lip easily stays on the car at 60Mph (96.5Km/h), without flexing or losing its shape. When installed correctly we’ve had cars who have had their EZ Lip on for 5+ years (as long as we’ve had the product released), without any signs of them coming loose.

How Strong is EZ Lip?

Washing Your Car

Since the EZ Lip is installed using 3M tape, without the need for any screws some people are worried it might not hold while being washed. We’re happy to say that they couldn’t be farther from the truth

With tens of thousands of car washes being done on EZ Lip products every year, we can say that we’ve never once heard of the EZ Lip falling off during someone’s car wash. Whether you’re using a pressure washer or a brush, the EZ Lip holds strong on your car.

Pull Test

Although your bumper getting pulled isn’t a common problem, the EZ Lip is still prepared for it. Starting at 0:43 seconds into our Durability video, you can see someone trying to pull the EZ Lip from the car’s bumper and failing miserably. The EZ Lip actually holds on so well, that it looks like the car’s bumper will come off before the EZ Lip; talk about strength…


Extreme Conditions

How about if you’re more than a daily driver, and go through some tough scenarios like off-roading, or rallies in your car? Well the EZ Lip has you covered too.

The EZ Lip is so tough in fact that Peruvian rally champion Raúl Velit uses it on his car during races.

Raúl Velit with EZ Lip on his front bumper

During 2016, Raúl and his team competed with the EZ Lip on in the Regional Lima Rally and won a podium finish. From the photo below you can see how the EZ Lip is still holding strong after one of his races.


The post rally results speak for themselves. Other than some dust and a few scrapes the EZ Lip is still holding on strong!

You can see Raul’s latest podium finish in the video below.

Imágenes de #RaúlVelit y #JulioEchasu en la Primera Fecha del …

VIDEO: Imágenes de Raúl Velit y #JulioEchazú en la Primera Fecha del #RallyStage 2017 !!Ganadores en la Categoría ST,,, (Honda Civic)

Todo Motor 发布于 2017年5月14日


What About Rip Tests?

You might have seen some sponsored videos from our competition on YouTube where they “easily” rip the EZ Lip versus their product. While the video isn’t fake, it’s very misleading.

The EZ Lip was built for real road use, and as our way to keep costs down for you we didn’t engineer our product for scenarios you would never encounter while actually driving.

All of the rip tests featuring our product show the “reviewers” holding the EZ Lip with both hands, and pulling along the sides to rip it.

Now we don’t know about you guys, but we’ve never seen a rogue pothole reach up to pull a car’s bumper in an unnatural way just to prove a point.

So while we admit the EZ Lip is not indestructible, we can confidently say that if you’re looking for the best value for money lip option on the market – there’s no better choice than EZ Lip.


How To Maximize The Life Of Your EZ Lip?

With all that being said however, there are a few different ways that you can maximize the life of your EZ Lip.

The EZ Lip’s durability and lifespan is highly related to how it’s installed and how you drive with it on your car. If you avoid scrapes the EZ Lip will last for years.

Below we’ve outlined the best way to install your EZ Lip in order to maximize its lifespan.


Careful preparation is important for maximizing the life and durability of your EZ Lip. Clean application area using isopropyl alcohol (test a small unobtrusive area for color-fastness). Application area must be completely dry before installing your EZ Lip.


For long lasting strength and durability, apply when temperature is at least 72º F (21º C). In colder climates, apply heat to the tape using a hair dryer or heat gun to help strengthen the bond.


Peel protective film from tape starting at one end of the EZ Lip and attach to the surface of the vehicle.


Continue installing to the rest of your vehicle while making sure to firmly press and hold the EZ Lip for several seconds against the surface of your vehicle. Make sure to eliminate air bubbles and gaps.


Cut excess off with sharp scissors.


Clean the EZ Lip the same way you would clean your car. Using soap and water will help eliminate dust and grime build-up. Do not wash vehicle for 24 hours after installing to give the tape time to cure.


You can easily give your EZ Lip a nice glossy shine or help eliminate scuffs by applying tire-shine or Armor All to the surface.

Check it out installed on your car at: http://EZLip.com/gallery


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