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Philip’s Civic – RED

This month we have a great OEM style showcase that goes by the name of RED. This 2009, 8th generation Civic is our fan’s newest edition to his lineup of Hondas. If you’re a fan of that clean OEM style look as well as Hondas, we know you’ll enjoy this showcase!

We love when our fans send us photos of their cars and share the stories behind them. This is why we started these Fan Showcase blogs. If you want your ride featured on our website and social media platforms just like RED take a few moments and fill out our application.

EZ Lip Honda Civic


Name: Philip

Location: Jacksonville, NC

Age: 24

Car: 2009 Honda Civic SI sedan

Name of Build: RED

Dream Car: 2008 Honda Civic SI Mugen

Instagram: @rallyeredcivic




About the Build

My name is Phillip and I’m 24 years old and in the Navy. I’ve been interested in cars ever since I started playing Gran Turismo 2 and only recently started to modify my car more and more. I started out with a 1995 Honda Civic and only installed coilovers and a short ram intake. Later, when I joined the navy I bought a 2003 Honda s2000, and later installed coilovers and a K&N cold air intake. Two years ago, I decided to sell that car and purchase a 2009 Honda Civic SI and I have loved it ever since. I have modified it to my taste and excited to add more.


Exterior Modifications:

  • Asia front lip with EZ Lip
  • OEM window visors
  • Motor mounts 


Interior Modifications:

  • Redlinegoods Shift knob boot
  • Hybrid racing shift knob
  • OEM Honda weather all weather mats

EZ Lip Honda Civic

Performance Modifications:

  • 3″ Skunk2 cat back exhaust
  • Skunk2 alpha header
  • Hybrid racing 3.5″ cold air intake
  • And I’m currently waiting for my comp tech super charger with vittuned aftercooler to arrive!


Why did you choose your car over all the other options when you first bought it?

After selling my s2000, I decided I wanted something with similar specs and of course I wanted to stay Honda. So after researching for a while and test driving a friend’s car, I knew I had to get an 8th generation Civic. The 4 Door works perfect since it’s easier to put items in the back seat and since I have a baby on the way.


What inspired you to customize the car?

I like a nice and clean, OEM-type look. So I haven’t done anything too crazy. Although, I do hope to purchase a Mugen or FD2 wings in the future. Reading other build threads, and going to HDAY definitely helped inspire me on which parts I should use. 

EZ Lip Honda Civic

Did you compete in any events, and if so what motivated you to participate in them?

Not yet, but what motivates me is the love for driving! I have competed in a car show though and won 2nd place for imports.


We would like to take a moment and thank Phillip for sharing his build with us and we hope you enjoyed RED as much as we did!

Now we know we mentioned it already, but hopefully after checking this out we inspired you even more to get that application filled out and send it our way. Every car has a great story and we want to hear yours!

– The EZ Lip Team

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