How EZ Lip can protect your carbon fiber lip from costly damage

We can all agree that one of the worst feelings in the car world is when your vehicle bottoms out. Or when your vehicle scrapes a curb. Or when you’ve put time and money into your vehicle and you hit something on the road that damages your car completely… Big bummer.  

The good news is there is an alternative to these scenarios. EZ Lip can protect your carbon fiber lip from costly damage, here’s how.   

  • Can be the buffer between your carbon fiber lip and the ground
  • Leaves no residue if it needs to be removed 
  • Is flexible and durable for all road obstacles 

DID YOU KNOW: Volvo is actually Latin for “I roll.” Its logo is a circle with an arrow pointing out, which is an ancient chemical symbol for iron. It is also one of the oldest ideograms in Western culture. 

Carbon Fiber car parts are the up and coming way to make your car lighter, faster and more stylish. However, it usually comes with a price. Manufacturers are starting to make thousands of different car parts out of carbon fiber due to how light the material is and making huge gains in the weight to horsepower ratio. They are manufacturing pieces such as hoods and fenders all the way down to the front lips and spoiler for vehicles.

DID YOU KNOW: Carbon fiber is very lightweight and has a considerably lower density than steel (about 80% less), making it ideal for aerospace, military, and motorsports racing

Protect Your Carbon Fiber Investment

As said before, carbon fiber parts are not cheap and you want to make sure you do everything you can to protect the look and investment you are putting into your vehicle. Whether you are adding a carbon fiber lip to your vehicle for the aesthetic or to gain a better weight to horsepower ratio, EZ Lip will protect those carbon fiber lips and side skirts. Most other comparable lip brands have a lesser quality adhesive or require you to use hardware to install the product. EZ Lip’s 3M tape is specifically designed for automobiles and harsh environments. If it’s installed correctly the tape is as strong as using screws.

We recommend the EZ Lip PRO for maximum defense and scrape resistance.

Since the front lip and side skirts of a vehicle ride just inches off the ground it is very likely to get hit and scratched by rocks and debri flying from off the road.  With EZ Lip you can just use the peel and stick application and let the product take all of the beating for your vehicle. 

The EZ Lip will stick to the bottom of these front lips and side skirts and hang about an inch lower than the lips and side skirts originally did. This gives your car a more aggressive look and keeps the carbon fiber scratch-free. That’s right! Scratch-free. 

EZ Lip is also flexible so anything that may come up and hit it, or if you (accidentally) hit a low spot, EZ Lip will take the brunt of the blow. No worries about it adding pressure to your precious carbon fiber. We have full confidence that our EZ Lip will hold up to anything and everything. 

The best news? If you ever feel the need to replace it or get one with a different color, our peel and stick application will leave no residue on your carbon fiber parts and have them looking new years down the road.

Discover the faster, easier, and universal EZ Lip solution to your carbon fiber lip protection

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