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Winter got you down because you can’t take your car out in the snow and salt covered streets? Well for this blog post we’re going to talk about how you can modify any ride to look cool all year ’round. How you might ask? We’re going to take one of the least cool-looking vehicles we can think of- a minivan- and turn it into something that you’ll enjoy taking out and driving around.

To help with this process, we’ve reached out to auto enthusias and YouTuber AnthonyJ350. He’ll be making all of the videos featured in this blog post and we strongly encourage you to check out his YouTube channel, Facebook page, and website for even more great content.

This blog post will be a little different from our past ones. Since each of the modifications we’ll be listing below takes time to create we’ll continuously update this post when new videos are released. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page or you might miss out!

PART 1: Add style and performance by changing your wheels

For the first step in this series AnthonyJ350 changes the wheels on a Pontiac Montana Minivan. A relatively affordable modification, the wheels are often described as the focal point of a car. By changing his stock wheels for new ones that he bought off Craigslist Anthony was able to drastically change the look of his minivan. The more modern and sporty look suits the vehicle well and is a great first step in making the vehicle look cool.

PART 2: Give your car more aggressive look by installing an EZ Lip

Now that the new wheels are installed, Anthony set to work on giving his ride a more aggressive appearance without drawing too much attention. We were happy to provide a few samples of our EZ Lip PRO to him in exchange for him letting us share these videos. Watch as the EZ Lip gives the Montana a more flushed look that compliments some of existing components and trim.

PART 3: Improve functionality by adding new speakers & rear view camera

After installing the EZ Lip PRO on the front and sides of the van, Anthony sets out to improve the functionality of the vehicle by adding a new set of speakers and rear view camera system. In the video below he gives a detailed walk through of the wiring process behind setting up the two systems as well as useful tips. With tech improvements like these you can bring your old ride nearly on par with some of the latest models for a fraction of the cost!

PART 4: Upgrading your headlights

Headlights are one of the most visible parts of any car. Anthony shows us how to upgrade the headlights to enhance it’s appearance and safety. In the video below he shows you how to properly remove and install the headlights, fog lights, and marker lights on your ride. Diving into the different bulb lights that you can use as well as proper disassembly and installation tips this is a must watch video if you’re looking to upgrade your lights.

PART 5: Adding remote start

Having remote start is downright cool- especially if you live in a very cold or very hot climate and you don’t want to go out until your car has warmed up, or the AC has kicked in. Remote start allows you to turn your engine on without being inside the car. It’s a relatively simple tech mod that can be installed on any vehicle. Watch as Anthony explains how to install on his Montana.

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