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…If not yet, then they will be soon. 

Happy 2016 everyone! Today is an exciting day in the EZ Lip office. It’s a new year, which means new resolutions, new calendar dates to remember, and for all of us at EZ Lip, a new blog! We’ve been planning this for a long time now, and we’re excited to start today off by introducing you all to the new EZ Lip Blog!

We have a great lineup of content planned that everyone from the EZ Lip veterans to brand new car enthusiasts can enjoy. To kick things off, today we’ll start by giving you all a sneak peek at what you can expect our team to publish in the coming months.

But, before we get started, let’s take a step back and introduce ourselves for those of you who aren’t familiar with us yet.

The Company 

Originating from the do-it-yourself garage door seal concept, EZ Lip has been committed to designing and developing innovative universal spoiler lips since 2010. With years of customer insight and focus on quality, we offer a growing selection of universal lips for every type of customer. With our rapidly expanding network of dealers all over the world, the EZ Lip is now the world’s most popular universal spoiler lip. Our mission is to provide easy to use universal styling accessories for every type of driver.

Ultimately, we hope to encourage and inspire you to take pride in enhancing the life, look, and value of your vehicle.


Because of our commitment to improving your vehicle, we put together a free guide of our four, favorite and easy do-it-yourself car mods that you can download here. 

The 2016 Lineup 

Now, it’s time to get to the good stuff. Below we’ve broken our blog lineup down into four of our most anticipated categories. In each one of them we’ll give you a brief description of what you can expect, without going into too much detail so that we don’t spoil any surprises. So, without further ado, here’s our sneak peek of what to expect on the blog in the coming months!

Fan Featured Vehicles 

We have an awesome fan community here at EZ Lip. The amount of positive feedback and photos we receive from all of you is what inspires us every day at the office.  

Which is why, as our way of showing thanks and recognizing the community, we are planning to launch a Featured Fan of the Month article on our blog.

Each month, starting February, we will showcase a new EZ Lip fan’s ride that will feature a variety of pictures of the car as well as an interview with the owner.

With all of our great fans, it will be tough to decide on only one feature per month, but we’ll be sure to keep showcasing you, our fans, for as long as you keep submitting requests!

If you’re interested in having your car featured on our blog and giving us your story please email us at 

Useful Tips and Ticks

Over the years we’ve picked up some useful car tips and have been inspired by the creativity of a lot of our fans. Which is why, in upcoming months, we want to pass that knowledge on to you!

We’ll be publishing blog posts to cover everything from your frequently asked questions, to creative ways to use your EZ Lip that you never would have thought possible before.

We won’t go into too much detail since we don’t want to spoil any of the future blog posts for you. But since we’re on the topic of useful tips and tricks, we wanted to let you know about the newest guide our team published that covers four of the easiest do-it-yourself budget car mods that you can do to drastically improve your vehicle’s look.

It’s a great resource for anyone new to vehicle modding or just wanting to spice things up with their ride. You can find the free download page here. 

Upcoming Events, Recaps, and Highlights 

2015 was a busy year for us here at EZ Lip with all the event’s we attended, and 2016 shows no sign of slowing down. Some of our highlights from last year include our trip to Las Vegas for SEMA, and our sponsorship of the Northwest Nights Racing and Auto Show in the Seattle area.

We’ll be keeping you posted on all of our latest event news as well as give you recaps and highlights of our favorite events from 2015. Even if you can’t make it in person, we want to make sure you’ll be all caught up on the latest EZ Lip coverage! 


We’ll be posting new articles to the blog on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month so be sure to check back frequently for all the latest EZ Lip news!

If you missed it earlier, we would like to offer you our free guide to our four, favorite do-it-yourself-budget car mods.

If you’re new to vehicle modding, or just looking for some affordable ways to improve your vehicle’s look, this is the perfect guide for you!

 Download our FREE guide of Four Simple DIY Budget Car Mods to improve your vehicles look.