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“Easy install, killer look!”

“Awesome product. Fast and easy way to add a personal touch to any car. I would highly recommend it.”

“Super easy install – and instantly gratifying. Between prep and installation, I spent only 15 minutes. Very happy with the results.”

These are the words of only a handful of our happy customers. There was plenty more to share, but we thought we’d keep it brief so that we could talk about some reasons that EZ Lip PRO is the number one choice when purchasing a spoiler lip or side skirt. We know most people purchase a vehicle simply to get from point A to point B. But for others, a car is something to take pride in. It’s something you invest time, energy, and effort into. A car – especially when customized – makes a statement about the individual driving it. At EZ Lip, we’re car enthusiasts and have the best bumper products for the most common car customizations. Read more about the top 4 reasons EZ Lip PRO is the TOP CHOICE for maximum product performance, protection, and adding custom flair to your car. 

The average car has 30,000 parts… try naming every single one of those!

EZ Lip is Universal Fit: One-Size-Fits-All

Let’s be real, it’s a legitimate worry that you’re about to buy a product that isn’t a perfect match for your car. It gets a little crazy in the world of shopping for your vehicle product needs. (Amazon has over 11.1 million products in its tools catalog). Without reservation, be confident when you’re about to install! EZ Lip PRO is made to form and mold perfectly to the front bumper or side skirts of any vehicle. With the durability of the plastic and the simplicity of the peel and stick 3M tape, this product is made to be cut down to whatever length and bend around whatever shape of the vehicle is needed. It’s a universal fit, one-size-fits-all. It’s compatible on the front, sides, or rear, so truly no worries about matching your make and model. We strongly advise to just check out here at Amazon!

EZ Lip PRO Subaru

DID YOU KNOW: You can keep the life of your EZ Lip much longer by avoiding detaching and then re-attaching the adhesive to your car? 

Top Quality EZ Lip Materials: Protect Your Investment

It’s no secret that your vehicle is inevitably going to battle some rough terrain at some point in its car career, and one minor ding can drastically lower your car’s value. EZ Lip is designed to protect your paint from driveways, speed bumps, potholes, and curbs. This could potentially save you hundreds if not thousands in the long run. Whether it’s the front, sides, or rear of your vehicle, this piece will not only add durability but also help protect your overall investment. The EZ Lip PRO Spoiler Lip easily endures all climates, car washes, and high speeds and is designed to absorb impacts that would otherwise cause harm to your bumper. Amazing really! (We made sure to test this for you). 

EZ Lip PRO Lip on Maserati

Apply heat and pressure to the entire length of the EZ Lip when you are finished with the install to ensure maximum bond and product longevity.

Inexpensive Car Customization with EZ Lip

The average cost of a splitter is $250 – each. Ours? Much cheaper. At $34.99 for an original roll, you can get right to it. Also, our EZ Side Skirts, EZ Lip PRO, and EZ Lip Colors are all under $70.00! You can’t beat it. With our no-drill application, you do not have to worry about putting holes in your front bumper or side skirts in case you ever have to remove the product. Our 3M adhesive leaves no residue when propery removed. A replacement bumper for cars could easily cost you 250 dollars without even matching the paint (not to mention labor cost these days). Give your car an aggressive sports car look without spending the money you would on an aggressive sports car. 

EZ Lip Promise: Durability & Peace of Mind

We’re here to also assure you that EZ Lip has been tested. Firstly, It’s been tested thoroughly (up to 180 mph). How strong? EZ Lip passed all the stress tests. Scratch test, speed test, extreme conditions, and pull test. It easily withstands the daily activities you would put your car through, plus any environment you choose to get wild in. Road tripping through the hills of the Napa Valley? How about a night time cruise through Miami? Maybe you’re just heading to work? (right there with ya) either way, with EZ Lip the paint will be protected, and so will your peace of mind. In Conclusion, our products are 100% American Made, another EZ Lip promise.  

At only 19 inches high, the Flatmobile is the lowest street-legal car in the world. Sweeeeeet! EZ Lip can get your car lower, but maybe not THAT low.

Get Started with EZ Lip

Customizing your vehicle is a journey that any car enthusiast can relate to. It’s a process that comes with ups, downs, and unexpected turns. The outcome though is a destination that you are ultimately proud of because of your dedication, time, and commitment to being unique and the absolute baddest on the road. At the end of the installation is your own satisfaction and the luxury of getting your car to the place you want it to be. Continue to save your money for other customizations, and skip the stressful parts of the installation process. Your vehicle will be ready for the road faster and easier with EZ Lip!   

For more information, including a buying guide, frequently asked questions, and a durability test visit our website