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This month we have a special fan showcase where we’ll be featuring not one, but two different rides.

We’ve had a lot of fan showcases from the guys over the past few months, so this time we wanted to hear from the girls and see what they’re driving! Our two fans, Lisa & Vivienne come from different sides of the Atlantic but both have the same passion for their cars. With each of them representing rides from their home countries, this is a must read blog post if you’re a fan of German Engineering & American Ingenuity!

So without further ado we’ll introduce our newest Fan Showcase. 


Name: Vivienne Gräff
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
Age: 21
Car: 2005 BMW E61 525i
Name of Build: HERCULES
Dream Car: E61 M5

About the Build: 

Hello, my name is Vivienne and I’m from Karlsruhe Germany. I loved this car ever since I was a child, and we’ve had it in the family for over ten years. I had just bought a BMW F20 but I quickly decided to sell it once my dad told me he wanted to sell the E61, so I was able to keep my baby. This car is something that I would call “my true love”. I learned to drive in this car and had much of fun with it over the years. Now he has been mine since February 2015. The car is driven daily and has 250 000 km on it (about 155 342 miles).


Exterior Modifications: 

  • Wrapped in satin ocean shimmer from 3M with some grey applications.
  • Supersport Coilover Suspension in the front, and lowtec coilovers at the back.
  • The windows in the back are tinted with 98% Black.
  • The rims are original Styling 123 and where powder-coated in S-Line Grey.
  • In the front axle there are 5mm tracking plates and 10mm at the rear axle.

 Interior Modifications: 

  • The trims are also wrapped in Satin Ocean shimmer
  • And the black soft coated things got a new colour in Piano black.

Performance Modifications: 

  • None




Name: Lisa Schuda
Location: Bellmawr, NJ
Age: 35
Car: 2013 Dodge Dart
Name of Build: DART
Dream Car: 2016 Aston Martin DB7
Instagram: @lisa_schuda 

About the Build: 

Hi there, my name is Lisa and I’m from Bellmawr New Jersey. I wanted to have a cool aggressive looking car with my taste in mind. My husband bought me the Dodge Dart and I love it! It’s so much better than my old car. The car is currently in the middle of being modded, with my husband is doing all the work on the car (and buying my parts lol); nothing too major planned though. Wheels and tires, CAI, dual exhaust, EZ Lip, and hot pink vinyl accents. I love the way it’s coming out!

EZ Lip Dodge Dart

We just picked up a set of 18″ RÖSSO wheels and now we just need the tires to go along with it. We’re still unsure on what kind of tires to buy, there’s so many options. Planning on getting a few other performance modifications from DARTMADNESS like the go pedal, new exhaust tips, and ECU upgrade as well. I would also would like to tint my windows.

I’m sure I’ll think of some other modifications to make in the future but for now that’s all I really want. My husband wants a wing but I don’t know if I want one or not on my Dart. He also wants to lower it but New Jersey roads are horrible for lowered cars. I’m afraid it’ll ruin the car on our messed roads here in New Jersey unfortunately. I’m thinking of also doing the EZ Lip down the sides for side skirts, I’ve seen it on a few other cars and really like the way it looked!

EZ Lip Dodge Dart

Exterior Mods: 

  • EZ Lip,
  • Hot Pink accents

Interior Mods: 

  • Aftermarket GPS & stereo,

Performance Mods: 

  • Cold Air Intake,
  • Dual Exhaust

EZ Lip Dodge Dart

We would like to take a moment and thank Lisa & Vivienne for sharing their rides with us. We hope you enjoyed HERCULES & DART as much as we did!

Hopefully We love when our fans send us photos of their cars and share the stories behind them. This is why we started these Fan Showcase blogs. If you want your ride featured on our website and social media platforms just like Lisa & Vivienne’s take a few moments and fill out our application.