EZ Lip Updates

EZ Lip Summer Guide

EZ Lip Summer Guide June 21st has passed and now that it’s officially summer we’re here to talk about the best summer car mod on the market – EZ Lip.   The snow is gone, the

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Fan Showcase

Bryant Pfeiffer’s Turbo VeloRaptor

Our latest showcase features Bryant Pfeiffer’s very unique and tastefully modded Hyundai Veloster with the Ultimate package. The Veloster is the perfect platform for enthusiasts looking to make everyday modifications to their vehicles. It’s no wonder

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EZ Lip Rally Car
Useful Tips

How Strong is EZ Lip?

In this post we’re going to answer a question we know many of you have been asking before buying your first EZ Lip. Just how strong is it? After this blog post, you’ll have the definitive

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