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Top 5 DIY Best Car Mods for Under $40

Whether you’ve got an unlimited budget and love restyling your ride or money’s tight and you’re looking for some quick and inexpensive upgrades, these five DIY Best Car Mods will deliver. In today’s quick guide we’ll

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Anderson's Mitsubishi Lancer GT with hot body modifications from EZLip.
Fan Showcase

Anderson’s Mitsubishi Lancer GT

ABOUT THE OWNER: I have always admired Mitsubishi cars for their unique design. In March 2017 I sold my Honda Fit to buy a Lancer GT (GTS) and felt happy as if I were making a

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These 3 installation tips will make the biggest difference in your EZ Lip's durability and life following these easy front splitter installation tips.
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Top 3 EZ Lip Installation Tips

How to install your new front splitter so that it lasts. The EZ Lip is made to withstand snow, rain, high speeds, car washes, scorching heat and pretty much anything else you throw at it. Those

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EZ Lip Products

EZ Lip Products, Sponsorship, & More

Want to learn more about EZ Lip and what we have to offer? We made a quick and easy guide for you!   One question we get a lot is, “What is EZ Lip?”. People see

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